My father in regulation tells me if ns leave the radio on in my auto when i shut off the engine this will reason a bit of battery drain when I start the car. He states this will certainly actually mitigate the life of my battery.

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Is this true?

Is this only true with "older" cars? If so, before what year?

I"m surprised a modern car doesn"t have actually the electronics to control when the radio kicks in (if the is left in the ~ above position).



This action is a carryover indigenous days gone by and is not needed in modern-day vehicles. Batteries from 50 or 60+ years ago were no as an effective or dependable as modern ones. Older battery had challenge handling the load of the starter engine alone. Engines cranked longer before starting and to be cranking huge displacement engines. Any included load from wiper, radio heater fans, etc. While beginning may have prevented the engine native starting. Realizing this contemporary cars disconnect every little thing that isn"t essential to obtain the engine running during the crank cycle. You have the right to test this yourself by leaving the radio on. You notice the radio plays with the ignition in the "on" position but shuts turn off in the "start" position.


It an extremely much counts on just how your radio is wired up. A typical automobile radio takes two feeds indigenous the battery; switched live and memory live.

Switched live is commonly attached come the ignition switch and also powers the radio up when the ignition is switched on. Memory live always takes a feeding of power from the battery and also is offered to keep things favor the existing time, radio station presets and the position in the CD you were listening to so it deserve to be resumed.

Some people prefer to have actually both switched and also memory permanently live so the the radio will continue to pat music once the tricks are gotten rid of from the car. Others have them setup so that the radio just plays music once the tricks are in the ignition. Indeed specific manufacturers; Kenwood in particular, provide plugs in your looms so the the construction can quickly be changed.

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If your auto radio won"t beat music uneven the keys are in the ignition then switching the off as soon as parking will certainly not make any type of difference to the battery drain. However, if your radio is wired to continue to play when the tricks are removed then execute switch it turn off to prevent too much battery drain.