Last year, I had the deluxe of watching myself ~ above TV for the an initial time of mine life. My surname is Jeremy Jones a writer here at and also the highlight of mine year was appearing on Family Feud with my family members in October (2015). I’ve constantly been a pan of family members Feud and Steve Harvey, for this reason this became an endure that I could never forget. I simply prayed I wouldn’t be that one human to go viral for saying miscellaneous stupid! While preparing for household Feud over there wasn’t as well much info on the procedure and return this may be frowned upon, I’m below to talk about the procedures it took because that me to show up on the show.

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Since the episode, friends and also family members questioning me non-stop, “How to be it?”, “Is Steve Harvey funny?”, “Did y’all win?”, ns love answering this questions yet I believe this short article will it is in a far better explanation for everything related come my household Feud experience.

The Audition

It all started with an e-mail to family Feud, castle asked me, my age, location and to affix 5-7 pictures of my family on April 2nd, 2015, a video audition could also it is in accepted. Precisely 6 job later, I got a solution giving me the option to pick an audition date. Over there were about five different days and after pointing out with my family, we determined to choose April 26th. All family members members have to be at least 15 years of age, associated either by, blood, legally recognized marriage, legal fostering and certain no fiancés, boyfriends or girlfriends. You must also, carry necessary files to prove her relation between family members.

We arrived for our audition at the Atlanta Civic center on the 26th with all the necessary documents and some the our best attire from our closets, family members Feud specifically stated, “there is no dress code, however, you room being interviewed us recommend business casual”, we were quickly the finest dressed. There were plenty of other families auditioning, we’re all given clipboards to carry out who us are and also how to be related, after checking-in each household was sent into one of 2 ballrooms holding the auditions. Each ballroom organized around 40 different families, so there was easily 200 world in each ballroom.

Before auditions began we to be briefed by the producers about the actions of the auditions and what they meant to see. Basically, two family members were referred to as up come play “mock family Feud” rounds against each other. The producers were begging because that entergetic contestants, the was the just thing castle asked of us, “be loud, it is in happy, it makes for good television”, said one of the producers. Us might’ve been among the last family members to it is in called, i beg your pardon was great because it offered us the opportunity to discover from the failure of ahead families. We left feeling great about our audition, now it was simply a waiting video game for the contact back.

The Email

Family Feud told united state if our family was selected we would receive an email within 2 weeks of our audition date. We received that email on might 8th, providing our filming date, which was on may 29th, 2015.

During that 3 week period my family recorded every illustration on GSN, TBS and also any various other network family Feud aired on, to “practice”. My brothers Justin and I, implored the no practice was needed for household Feud but when $100,000 is top top the line, it’s really hard to convince.

The Show

The morning of may 29th ultimately arrived, we were inquiry to show up at Atlanta Civic center at 8:00am. Justin and also I both take it a shoot of Fireball come shake off every the jitters before heading that way. As soon as we arrived our family members was escorted come a room with food, drinks and also four other families, us ate breakfast and prepared ourselves come film. The producers reiterated some of the exact same policies stated at the auditions, “be loud, be energetic”, they additionally explained that just due to the fact that we’ve make it come filming that our auditions weren’t over, family Feud still has actually the alternative cutting and also keeping every little thing was filmed.

Producers escorted the households out to the main set, where we played one more fake round of family members Feud top top the real stage to practice, every lead by warm-up man Rubin Ervin, aka ‘mini Steve Harvey’. Essentially, this practice round was to make certain we voiced ourselves correctly and we adhered to all the directions the producer asked, Rubin acted as Steve Harvey. Unfortunately us were dubbed up first, us did pretty good though. During the introductions when Rubin walked towards me to explain ‘who ns am and what ns do’, ns didn’t point out working for, family members Feud producers stopped the practice round and also asked me to cite throughout real-time filming, so i was a tiny ecstatic around that.

After practicing us sat in the crowd seats and watched audience members trickle in. Rubin warmed-up the audience similar to this and offered directions about what’s supposed from audience members, e.g. When to clap, not to yell the end answers, etc. Best after that, Steve Harvey come out come speak come the audience and also do what comedians call ‘crowd work’, that was exceptionally funny. That answered a few questions and was making hoax left and also right. During this banter our family members was asked come come backstage for last preparations and make-up, that’s when I knew it was real.

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Steve Harvey go backstage and we came on-stage, producers prepped us for the huge moment. ACTION! The crowd starts clapping and Steve to walk out, he tide to the crowd and begins talk to the contestants.