No and no. The regular admonishment come never cut lettuce with a knife, lest the reduced edges turn brown faster than hand torn lettuce leaves, is a myth. Many cookbooks still carry the statement that a knife may “bruise the leaves.”

This myth appears to have actually been based on the id that hand tearing will certainly tear the lettuce along herbal seams and also thus damage fewer cells, limiting your exposure to oxygen, which transforms them brown. However this isn’t true and also tearing lettuce does not damage less cells 보다 cutting the leaves through a knife. That really will certainly make no distinction whatsoever which method you choose, and also both will revolve brown in ~ the same rate. Prior to we go further, keep in mind that introducing bacteria, via the blade, come the cut edges the lettuce that you intended to keep for a period of time, is a different subject, but one the is more of attention to advertising bagged lettuce processors than residence cooks.

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Katie’s BLT Wedge Salad v Creamy Pepper Dressing

And nutrition? Well i don’t usually do nutrition in this blog, however in the attention of defending iceberg, I’ll compare iceberg to Romaine, per 100 grams, by weight. Keep in mind the the outer leaves of Romaine are an ext nutritious 보다 the inside leaves, and this evaluation assumes an average composition.

NutrientUnitRomaine, 100gIceberg, 100g
Vitamin Cmg42.8
Vitamin B-6mg0.0740.042
Vitamin B-12µg0.000.00
Vitamin Aµg43625
Vitamin Emg0.130.18
Vitamin Kµg102.524.1

It’s clear that Romaine is some good stuff. The 2 nutrients that leafy environment-friendly vegetables are held in such regard for, calcium and also Vitamin A, it has in abundance. Iceberg can’t compete. And also it lags behind in other micronutrients. Yet is it “almost completely devoid the nutrients,” as is so often reported? No, clearly not. To put this in perspective, lug Romain under a notch by considering the RDI (Reference everyday Intake) the calcium, of 1000 mg. You’d need to eat over 3000 grams the Romaine to gain that, over 6.5lbs. Sure, that’s a lot much better than 12lbs of iceberg lettuce, yet either way, you room going to be in part GI trouble. Romaine is far better than iceberg, but it’s no a miracle. This can be a good approach, by the way, to aid you cut through some of the overwrought claims about the superior nutritional nature the one vegetable over another. Take into consideration it’s percent of donation of an essential nutrients come a “daily allowance” quite than simply comparing one raw number come another. By those standards, no lettuce have the right to really do or rest you.

Looking in ~ the yes, really values, above, it appears that the nutrition books frequently obtain it wrong, through saying the Romaine has up to six times as much vitamin C, the doesn’t also contain twice as much. And also neither contain a lot. It’s through beta carotene the Romaine yes, really shines, though, and absolutely squashes iceberg.

So, iceberg is not as nutritious as Romaine. In fact, it has actually the shortest nutritional worth of all the lettuces. But it does have some nutritional value, and also that nutrition come in with low energy-density. Also, it has actually uses the it is rather suited for. If girlfriend don’t believe me, try an oriental lettuce pave made with Romaine and see if girlfriend don’t want to gain with part iceberg again.

How walk Iceberg Lettuce get Its Name, Anyway?

As above, iceberg owes its popular to economics. This certain head lettuce was easier to ship and got come the store less damaged. We (used to) love iceberg since we prospered up eat it, being that it was pretty lot the only lettuce plenty of of us ever saw, as children.

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Iceberg was introduced by W. Altee Burpee agency in 1894. In the 1920’s, the agency shipped through train extended with crushed ice. Civilization saw the box coming v all their heaps the crushed ice and also they stated “The icebergs space coming.” Or therefore the story goes. The lettuce became called iceberg lettuce therefore but before, that was referred to as Crisphead lettuce.