You can substantially reduce swimming pool heating expenses by making use of a swimming pool cover. On the following pages, check out the tables mirroring the costs of heating pools with and without pool covers in various U.S. Cities:

Use that a swimming pool cover also can assist reduce the size of a solar swimming pool heating system, which have the right to save money.

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How they Work

Swimming pools lose in a selection of ways, yet evaporation is by far the largest source of loss. Evaporating water calls for tremendous quantities of It just takes 1 Btu (British heat unit) come raise 1 pound of water 1 degree, but each pound of 80ºF water the evaporates bring away a chuck 1,048 Btu of warmth out of the pool.


The evaporation price from an outdoor swimming pool varies depending upon the pool"s temperature, wait temperature and humidity, and also the wind speed at the pool surface. The greater the swimming pool temperature and also wind speed and also the reduced the humidity, the greater the evaporation rate. In public areas, you can add a windbreak—trees, shrubs, or a fence—to minimize evaporation. The windbreak demands to it is in high enough and also close sufficient to the pool that that doesn"t create turbulence over the pool, which will increase evaporation. You likewise don—t want the windbreak to shade the pool from the sun, which helps warm it.

Indoor pools aren"t subjected to the environment, but they still can lose a lot of from evaporation. They even require room ventilation to regulate indoor humidity led to by the huge amount the evaporation. The ventilated air also must it is in conditioned, i beg your pardon adds come the costs.


Pool covers minimization evaporation from both outdoor and also indoor pools. Covering a pool when it is not in use is the solitary most effective way of reducing swimming pool heating costs. To save of 50%–70% space possible.

Pool covers on indoor pools no only can reduce evaporation but likewise the need to ventilate indoor air and also replace it v unconditioned out air. Friend can additionally shut off exhaust fans when an indoor pool is covered, which conserves even more

Types of pool Covers

Technically, all you really need for a pool cover is a big sheet the plastic. Plastic meets the necessity of gift a vapor barrier. But a large sheet the plastic that you get from the lumber keep is probably not your finest choice. It will certainly be very daunting to handle and also store, it tears easily, and sunlight will compromise it rapidly. You can use a sheet of plastic, however it will be an extremely inconvenient and it will most likely only critical 1 to 2 seasons maximum.

It"s ideal to use a sheathe designed specifically for swimming pools. They"re made of special materials, such as UV-stabilized polyethylene, polypropylene, or vinyl. They have the right to be transparent or opaque. Consists can also be light or dark colored.

One the the lowest expense covers made specifically for swim pools is the bubble (or solar) cover. Balloon covers are comparable to balloon packing material except they usage a thicker grade of plastic and have UV inhibitors.


Vinyl covers consist that a heavier material and have a longer life expectations than bubble covers. Insulated vinyl covers room also easily accessible with a slim layer of versatile insulation sandwiched in between two class of vinyl.

Outdoor pools gain heat indigenous the sun, absorbing 75%–85% the the solar highlight the pool surface. This is critical contribution come the pool"s heater needs. A swimming pool cover will certainly decrease the solar get contribution to part extent, depending upon what kind you use. A transparent bubble cover may reduce swimming pool solar absorption by 5%–15%. A completely opaque sheathe will minimize it by 20%–40%. You require to think about this when picking a swimming pool cover.

A cover no save any if you never use it. That’s why you require to consider ease of closure and opening. You have options ranging native a manual, semi-automatic, or one automatic swimming pool cover. You deserve to manually traction the covering on and off, wrinkles it, and place the somewhere out of the way. Girlfriend can likewise purchase a pool cover reel to assist manually roll up the pool cover. The reel, usually on wheels, deserve to be rolled out of the way.

Semi-automatic covers usage a motor-driven reel system. Lock use electrical power come roll and unroll the cover, but usually need someone to pull on the cover once unrolling, or overview the cover ~ above the reel when rolling up the cover. Semi-automatic covers deserve to be built into the swimming pool deck surrounding the pool, or can use reels ~ above carts.

Automatic covers have actually permanently an installed reels that instantly cover and uncover the swimming pool at the press of a button. They"re the most expensive option, however they"re also the most convenient.

Some swimming pool covers fit right into tracks follow me the political parties of the pool. This prevents anything or anyone from getting into the pool. They also support the load of numerous people. If legal responsibility is a concern, these space a good option come explore. They have the right to be run manually, semi-automatically, or automatically. Safety covers are recommended for public pools, and may be forced by inspectors.

How to use a swimming pool Cover

If you use your pool during the daytime, take turn off the covering just prior to swimming and also replace the cover as quickly as you"re done making use of the pool.

If you use your pool just at night, the efficiency of a swimming pool cover will depend on whether the evaporation and also other casualty prevented by the covering exceed the solar obtain reduction brought about by the cover. The type of cover and the climate affects this balance. In dry and/or windy conditions, the evaporation rate of the swimming pool increases. Therefore, it is generally valuable to have actually a transparent or bubble cover on throughout daylight hours. In warm, humid problems the evaporation price decreases. In this case, it may be more beneficial to leaving the covering off during the daytime.

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Other pool Cover Benefits

Besides providing savings, pool covers additionally do the following:

Conserve water by reduce the quantity of make-up water required by 30%–50%Reduce the pool"s chemical usage by 35%–60%Reduce cleaning time by keeping dirt and also other debris out of the pool.