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I recognize I have the right to bypass the AC by removed the compressor and also putting a wheel in that is place, and use the exact same belt. Ns am trying to prevent that together I may want to settle the ac at part point. I just want to bypass every little thing as is. The shorter belt (non AC) doesn"t work, its too short since the pulley place is various on trucks without AC.Years ago I had a mechanic download a belt which was sized in in between the AC and non AC belts which worked fine therefore I understand its possible. Does anyone understand which belt I need to use??

Don"t recognize that you"ll obtain a an answer so simply throwing this out there. You can run a wire around and also measure the string. If the engine has actually an auto tensioner then number out wherein it is through the belt now and also mark the point, so as soon as you measure you can gain the same amount of stress and anxiety on it. Then walk to the store and find a belt that long.
This occurred to me simply as i was getting to an Autozone. Castle were great and we discovered out through trial and error the Duralast 905K7 was the best size. Don"t understand if the will work for your year truck (Gen 1) yet this worked for me. By the way the pulley-block to replace the A/C compressor has actually mixed reviews and also is no recommended for long term use as the base often tends to move, it comes with the wrong bolts, and also the pulley-block is plastic( this is on the Dorman replacement). I was walk to shot it until I review the evaluate on advanced Auto website. Expect this helps.

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Thanks every for her help!I go through virtually a dozen belts prior to finding the right one. Turns out it was a 90" belt, Dayco 5070900 functioned for me. After a number of frustrating earlier and forths at pep boys and autozone with the wrong belts, i took snrusnaks advice and measured the distance v a item of string. That provided me a ballpark size to work-related with. Equipped with that info I checked out the Dayco website, they have a an extremely handy "dimensional" part look up made decision a few within the size range till I uncovered the appropriate fit.I learned a couple of things around belt sizes in the process. The "7" in the component number is the variety of ribs and also the "900" is the size - 90.0"The Duralast 905K7 that Shadowmustang argued likely would have operated as well, as its just a fifty percent inch longer, the tensioner wheel should provide you a little leeway to work with.