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Good vid, thanks, but what about draining the cooler, is over there a means like over there is the engine oil?
Do the manuals have actually a transmission cooler? That"s frequently an automatic thing. Typically you have the right to just uncover a low-pressure water tap on the cooler, disconnect it, and suggest it directly down so heaviness gets it the end of the hose. Because that the warm sink itself, if there"s no drain plug, ns guess it"s not basic to acquire it the end of there... However I don"t think it matters also much, there can"t be the much liquid in there.


I read all of the existing write-ups related to transforming the OEM fluid on the M6..including the it is a life time fluid. So much I have actually gathered the it is 4.2 qts of ATF+4, imperial Purple additionally has an alternative that meets the spec., and also so does Amsoil. I read a mention of making use of 10 PSI of air and...
There’s around 1/2 qt of fluid in the cooler and lines. Only way I understand to flush it without making a mess making use of air is to use fresh brand-new fluid and push the out. As soon as I set up my Transzilla it wants Synchromesh. When the infectious diseases worldwide cooler lines where off ns drilled a feet in among the qt covering a hair smaller sized then clear hose the fit top top the oil cooler line and also pushed the red ATF out until clear Tranzilla Synchromesh come out.I have a couple of hoses comprised like this for miscellaneous applications.
The oil cooler supply and also return currently are hosted in by a hair pin kind clip and also pull right out easy. This is what the currently look like disconnected
16gmg, thanks for the pix. I assume i disconnect the lines from the cooler and, wherein is that cooler located?
No problemNo, no have to disconnect at the oil cooler if girlfriend disconnect both currently on the transmission, it’s out from tranny come cooler and also return. Simply push oil in one line and wait because that clean oil to come the end the other. Disconnecting them at the cooler no as simple as at the trans and also MUCH messier to do. Here’s what they look favor at the cooler, yes no separation in between.
The bottom one is simple to gain too, the optimal one not so much however can it is in done. You can additionally just disconnect the bottom one only and use a hand pump favor this one from harbor freight and also suck the out. I’ve never ever done it that way but it certain would do it simpler if that worked. Let united state know just how you do out
Here’s a close up of the height fitting from my original M6. Pull the white cap ring off on height line and also underneath is a hair pin clip in the slot you deserve to see in this picture
Great. Many thanks so much for the pix. Agreed, pulling the lines turn off the cooler is not the means to go. Ive acquired the HF hand pump I offered for the behind axle so its simply a issue of choose up atf and getting the done. Thanks again.
No problem, let us recognize if pumping the liquid out that the cooler and also lines via only taking the bottom 90 degree fitting off functions or not. The line is basic to obtain off.
So climate Ill drain the tranny itself after cracked the peak fill bolt, remove reduced line and also either suck the fluid out or placed an air line to it and with low press push the remainder of the fluid thats in the lines ago into the tranny where it will certainly drain. Connect lower line, fill fluid to top, operation it through to fee lines and also then height off. Sound about right? about 4 qts. I believe?
Sorry, didn’t check out your reply, yes about 4 qts, have 5 top top hand similar to flushing the cooler bring away a bit more then simply fill amount
Will do. It is going to be a springtime project as soon as I can obtain the car out, operation it because that a bit and get that warmed up. Ive only gained 3.7k ~ above the automobile anyway.

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I adjusted my trans fluid in original trans once I obtained the auto with 7300 mile on it, it was pretty dark. 3000 mile on it and when I adjusted to the Tranzilla the liquid in the initial trans to be still prefer the work I placed it in, pretty bright red. I’d it is in curious to know what your old original fluid looks like when you obtain to changing it.
Resurrecting. I have 7300 miles and going to adjust the liquid to Amsoils ATF Signature series Multi Veh fabricated #ATFPK-EA. Anyone have actually thoughts ~ above this product prior to I do?
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