Dr. Chen is the co-founder of tortoise Conservation society of Malaysia. She currently heads the community-based river Terrapin Conservation project in Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia.

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In pet behaviour, nocturnality defines sleeping during daytime and also being energetic at night. Many varieties which space otherwise diurnal exhibit part nocturnal behaviour; for example, numerous sea tortoise attend reproduction sites nocturnally to alleviate the threat of predation (to us or their offspring) yet are otherwise diurnal. In nature, eco-friendly turtles (Chelonia mydas) can exhibit nocturnal activity in enhancement to their frequently diurnal activity cycle.

Tortoises and terrapins usually sleep with their eye closed. Lock would additionally prefer come sleep in some type of shelter, for example underneath a item of driftwood. Some terrapins just “go to sleep” as with that, in any position they are in, some with their backs come the sky, some vertically (like stop on to an additional terrapin). Pancake tortoises, top top the various other hand, choose to sleep latched laterally in in between rocks.

If we look at the skeleton the a turtle, us will see that turtles have actually 5 phalanges, which essentially method that they have 5 “fingers”. However, physically, sea turtles’ limbs are dubbed flippers, and tortoises and terrapins have actually legs. River terrapins have 4 former claws when painted terrapins have actually 5. Both have actually 5 hind claws though.

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In this article, I will share v you, whereby to visit if you reap diving, snorkelling, and watching sea turtles. The optimal sea turtle nesting season drops in the month of July come October.


Studies have found that woman turtles demonstrate natal homing behaviour in that they constantly return to the specific location whereby they were hatched come mate and also lay their own eggs conversely, the male turtles practically never go back to the same beach when they leaving the sand of your natal beach.


Sea turtles execute communicate yet their interaction is scarce together there is a lesser need to communicate between each other due to the fact that most the them space solitary. Possibly their interaction is taken into consideration as enough as they have survived millions of years till today.

Field Office.13538, Lorong Solehah 3A,Taman Desa Solehah,24000 Kemaman, Terengganu,Malaysia.

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Turtle Conservation society of Malaysia (TCS) is the an initial not-for-profit rememberingsomer.comanisation in Malaysia dedicated restoring depleted wild turtle populations of freshwater turtles in the country. This is done with research, conservation, rehabilitation, education and also public outreach.