The Adventist church has no main position or declare on the celebration of Christmas. The members that the Adventist church can celebrate Christmas if they select to carry out so. 

Quick TakeCelebrating a holiday doesn’t make one holier or closer come Jesus 보다 someone that doesn’t memory the holiday prefer you might.Judging someone since they perform or nothing celebrate a holiday creates unnecessary division.Don’t present up at a seventh Day Adventist church on Sunday, they won’t be there.

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Wilson, the president of the basic Conference that Adventism concerns a warning ~ above criticizing those that pick to storage the holiday and that we need to “not to allow the subject of Christmas to end up being a divisive issue among us, criticizing or alienating those who may see it in different ways than us ourselves do.” 

There is no cite in the bible of the prestige of celebrating Christmas nor the date in which Jesus to be born. V that said, observing Christmas is no a need nor a problem for membership in the Adventist church,

Ellen G. White (B. 1827-D. 1915), initial co-founder the the Adventist faith, known the frivolousness connected with the vacation and also saw the great that might be achieved during the season.

“Thousands the dollars will be worse 보다 thrown away upon the comes Christmas and brand-new Year’s in needless indulgences.. Yet it is our privilege to depart native the customs and also practices that this degenerate age; and instead that expending method merely for the gratification of the appetite, or for needless accessories or posts of clothing, we may make the comes holidays an chance in which to honor and glorify God.” (Review and also Herald, December 11, 1879). 


Does the holy bible speak that Christmas?

Aside indigenous the rituals and festivals that were of prestige according to the Old Testament, is there any mention of celebrating the bear of Christ on one arbitrary job in December?

The scriptures does not point out anything around celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, political and also patriotic holidays, nothing. While there is nothing naturally wrong with celebrating holidays, it is not a necessity or prerequisite for Christianity.

Romans 14:5 claims “one human being considers one day more sacred than another; an additional considers daily alike. Each of them must be totally convinced in their very own mind.” (New global Version). Come celebrate a holiday or not is a personal conviction that one need to never be judged for.

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Another allude to ponder that correlates with this is an issue can be discovered in 1 Corinthians 10:31, “Whatever friend do, perform it every for the glory of God.”

Do Adventists celebrate Christmas?

The Adventist church has actually no main position or explain on the celebration of Christmas. The members of the Adventist church can celebrate Christmas if they choose to do so. 

Do Adventists Beleive in Easter?

Adventists generally worship on Saturday so they regularly times will not be in their locations of worship on Sunday because that easter, yet they will definitely go find eggs!

Do Adventists Exchange gifts on Christmas?

Yes, most Adventistsa exchange gifts as with everyone else.

Do various other Religions storage Christmas?

Many Christian religions use Christma stime to celebrate and also remember Christ’s first coming together a infant born the a virgin (Mary). Churches put on Christmas pageants, sponsor food and toy drives because that the much less fortunate, and also hold candlelight solutions as a means to mental the resulting Jesus.

There are even some non-Christian religious beliefs that celebrate the season. An Example- while Muslim’s don’t think in Jesus as kid of God, the do think that Jesus was crucial person as well as his Mother. An write-up on PJ Media, sites a big section of Buddhists and also Hindu’s in America also celebrate Christmas. Some to assimilate into American culture and others as a means to identify the great that Jesus did.

Adventists do have diet limitations

Many people without spiritual affiliation use Christmas as a time to be closer with family and friends , and to possibly take part in traditions that make them feel prefer there is some an excellent in the world.

If the holiday you desire to celebrate have the right to be used to further the Kingdom and bring glory to God, is it a bad thing?

Paul to write in his letter come the Colossians “Therefore carry out not let anyone referee you by what you eat or drink, or v regard to spiritual festival , a new Moon celebration or a Sabbath day.” (Colossians 2:16 new International Version). This to be an circumstances in i m sorry Paul to be warning the people against the false id that they must proceed practicing the old Jewish laws and rituals in order to have actually a partnership with Christ. They go not have to proceed in the old traditions because they were currently covered under the blood the Jesus’ sacrifice.

Here is what Adventist’s believe around Baptism

Jehovah Witnesses and also Christmas

The Kingdom hall of Jehovah Witnesses is one such religion that believes in Jesus but does no celebrate His birth, only His death. Follow to an write-up on entitled Why nothing Jehovah’s Witnesses celebrate Christmas, one together reason given for skipping the festivities is the they “believe that Christmas is no approved by God because it is rooted in pagan customs and also rites.” Incidentally, this is also a belief held by some in the Adventist church. Jehovah’s witnesses actually carry out not celebrate any type of holidays, not even birthdays as it is seen as a kind of creature worship.

What set Adventists a part? 

There are number of items that collection Adventists personally from other sects of the Christian faith. One such distinction is the celebration event of the Sabbath top top Saturday as is the Biblical custom. Many evangelical Christian churches hold services top top Sunday, i beg your pardon is a exercise that Adventists discover unbiblical.

Here are a couple of unique Adventist ideas


As much as the immortality is concerned, Adventists think that upon death that the heart will actually simply go come sleep until Christ’s 2nd coming. No admittance to heaven hell occurs till Jesus’ return. They additionally recommend, however don’t require, your members follow a vegetarian diet in order to be in ~ their many favorable health and wellness wise. Ellen G, White’s teachings also warn Adventists to abstain indigenous alcohol, tobacco, and drugs (NPR link below).

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Since Adventists do not have church top top Sunday’s, they perform not have an Easter Sunday celebration. The importance of Christ’s resurrection is big in the religion, however they don’t partake in the secular parts of the holiday.