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If you have braiding basics down, but still haven’t quite mastered obtaining the appropriate grip to apply your an abilities to braid extensions, the rubberband an approach may be for you. It permits you to have that tight neat look and while you room braiding you don’t need to worry around other sections getting in your method and messing up your parts. Here’s what you need to do to use this method:

#1 Stretch your hair prior to styling

You deserve to blowdry

your hair if girlfriend are quick on time or use natural heat complimentary ways to stretch her hair.

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#2 use a great gel or pomade


or a pomade will offer your roots a good hold and that smooth look.

#3 section your hair and also secure

Section your hair right into as many parts together you would certainly like and also secure the sections at the root v a rubberband.

#4 begin braiding

Add the extension hair

to each section until your totality head is complete.

When it’s time to eliminate your braids store this in mind!

Rubberbands can be damaging come the hair, particularly if you traction them with your hair. To remove the rubberbands without the hazard of damages lift the rubberband up v a bobby pen or the end of a rat tail comb

, climate take some scissors and cut the rubberband off. Take her time throughout the removal process and perform it on a day whereby you don’t have to rush.

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Your hair is a fiber which have the right to be one of two people damaged or preserved, and also once you damages it that’s that. So be patient as soon as it’s time come take out those braids.