From the deepest s trenches come the crisp deserts of Sahara, snails can live and also thrive everywhere. Snails don’t have actually the most exciting personalities, yet they sure are hardy. So, deserve to they make it through in a turtle tank? Or deserve to turtles eat snails? 

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Can turtle Eat Snails?

Yes, turtles can absolutely eat snails. Snails are a component of turtle’s natural diet in the wild, alongside several various other critters favor slugs, worms, and also roly-poly bugs. However, snails can sometimes organize harmful parasites choose flukes, which can be damaging because that turtles. You must never each other or provide wild snails to your turtle. 

Can pet Turtles Eat Snails? 

Yes, pets turtles deserve to eat snails too. Generally, turtles favor live food come pellets and also veggies. Thus, also in captivity, one must give live food occasionally, and turtles do perfect treats. 

I to be vegetarian and also a little bit squeamish, but that doesn’t typical I can deprive my pet turtles of live food, right? 

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Watch this cool ASMR video clip of red-eared sliders munching ~ above snails!

Can infant Turtles Eat Snails?

Baby and also juvenile tortoise can quickly eat tiny to medium-sized snails. Irrespective of whereby they’re raised, young turtles have tendency to prefer carnivorous diets. And luckily, snails make good protein supplements, i beg your pardon they quite vitally need in at an early stage life. 

However, they might not be able to break or chew the shell. In the case, turtles generally swallow other parts and discard the shell. 

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Live Or crate Snails? What’s better For Turtles?

There space too numerous caveats and also hassles attached to rearing and feeding raw snails. They deserve to contain harmful helminth that have the right to be easily transmitted to turtles. Plus, no all turtles deserve to break and digest snail shells. Thus, I resort to canned snails. 

Here’s one ns feed from Zoo Med – can O’ Snails turtles Food. 

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can snails and turtles live together?

The answer to this concern is yes, really subjective. That 100% depends on your turtle’s nature and also dietary pattern. If your pet is offered to eating animal protein, he will normally think that snails together food. However, as turtles gain older, castle incline in the direction of a herbivore diet – increasing a snail’s chance of survival. 

I dug through number of forums and also found a multitude the answers. Some stated their turtles and snails cohabitated peacefully, while others complained that snails missing in a issue of couple of minutes. 

Nonetheless, there space a couple of things you deserve to do to boost a snail’s chance of survival. Lock are:

Create hideouts utilizing plants and decorations for snailsIntroduce snails come the tank as soon as the tortoise is full

Can Musk turtle Eat Snails?

Yes, musk turtles have the right to eat snails, and also they love it. They have the right to eat many kinds of snails as lengthy as your jaws permit. However, make certain that you’re not giving too plenty of snails at once. 

Can Painted tortoise Eat Snails?

Snails kind a good part of a painted turtle’s diet in its natural habitat. Thus, the perfectly for sure for her pet. But because eating food with too much protein or phosphorus concentration can reason complications, make certain you give snails just occasionally. 

Can turtle Eat Garden Snails?

Yes, turtles deserve to safely eat garden snails if lock haven’t been exposed to snail bait or pesticides. If you buying live garden snails for her turtle, make sure you carry out so native a reliable, traceable seller. 

Final Words: have the right to Turtles Eat Snails

Yes, turtles can eat snails. It is among staple food options for most turtle species. And since turtle prefer pet protein over other options, girlfriend can offer your pets one or two snails occasionally. 

However, because there are quite a couple of risks to take treatment of when offering live snails, I rely on canned, deshelled options.