I, and many various other birdwacthers, have regularly wondered around the whereabouts the owls during daylight hours, special, where perform owls go during the day? So, I collection out to study this question and also I’m below to share my finding v you.

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While there space owls hunting during the day, many of them sleep and also take a remainder after a night of hunting. They go back to their relaxing place called a roost. Some owls might be roosting by themselves and also some may roost communally. Roosting is additionally a good way because that an owl to find a mate.

I know that’s no enough.

So, keep analysis to learn an ext about:

Where owls roostDifferent varieties and sleeping behaviorsHow to tell if one owl is:nocturnaldiurnalcrepuscularHow to discover owls

Roosts: where Owls hang Out

Where an owl will roost can vary depending upon the type of owl. Specifically, part owls will certainly roost on tree branches near their hunting grounds therefore they deserve to hunt again as soon as they leave the roost. Barn owls for instance have been roosting in numerous different varieties of countryside buildings and tree hollows. Burrowing owls will do precisely as their surname suggests.

When in search of shelter, owls will need dense mature trees with good trunks. Shaded trees throughout the work are finest for the nocturnal owls. Nesting boxes are also great alternatives if they cannot find a perfect tree to roost in.

You can commonly find that owls roost by themselves (check the end our repertoire of live owl cams to watch some roosting actions here). Return there are some varieties that roost together for plenty of different factors like:

To save each various other warmTo find a mate once mating season is comingTo happen along where the an excellent hunting spots areTo watch for predators

Although, the woods room not the only ar you can find owls. There room several species of owls the roost in urban areas. Lock are drawn to the city since of the endless food selections they have actually here. They deserve to hunt because that rats, sparrows, and also other small animals they can prey on.

You’ll also find owls roosting in a nesting residence made because that owls. Inspect out our write-up on the finest owl nesting boxeshere.

They love roosting in big old trees that fill the parks and streets that are in ours neighborhoods. It is not uncommon to check out owls nestled increase on irradiate poles and also utility poles.

However, don’t think because that one 2nd that this owls are sleeping or inactive during the day. Even when they space roosting, they space on high alert because that threats neighboring them every minute. Once they sense activity approaching, it will open up its eyes, turn its head, and fly away.

Are every Owls truly Nocturnal?

The popular idiom “Night Owl” create a lot of misconceptions around owls. Most people think, consisting of me, think the all owls are energetic when the moon come out. However, that is not the case.

There are actually 3 species of owls based upon their resting habits:

Nocturnal owlsDiurnal owlsCrepuscular owls

Nocturnal owls are the many well known. They are the ones that room most active during nighttime. They hunt and also do all their daily tasks at night. Throughout the day, you can find them sleeping perched on a branch somewhere roosting.

Diurnal owls space the opposite. They space the owls that are most active during the day. They sleep and also recharge their power at night similar to most animals.

Crepuscular owls space those that do many of their activities during dusk and dawn. They hunt both day and night.

While many owls are still nocturnal, there space 2 species of owls that are truly diurnal.

Northern hawk Owls


Northern hawk owls are discovered in the northernmost areas of phibìc America and Asia. They have actually hunting skills comparable come haws and also falcons. They are tenacious predators perched high in the branches waiting to capture their prey. Castle can likewise hunt in winter catching pets hidden beneath the snow. They have the right to even catch prey mid-air if they require to.

Northern Pygmy Owls


These are more commonly seen on phibìc America’s west coast. Most seen during the day particularly when the sky is overcast. They have the right to be seen an extremely easily bobbing your heads and also flicking their tails at the very tops the trees. Lock too have hunting an abilities like a hawk and also falcons. They can provide the northern hawk owls a run for your money.

Some instances of crepuscular owls are:

Snowy owlsShort-eared owlsBurrowing owlsGreat grey owlsGreat horned owls

However, researcher have found that 69% that owls room nocturnal, 22% room crepuscular, and only 3% are diurnal. V this information, owls room still considered nocturnal animals

How to Tell If one Owl Is Nocturnal, Diurnal, or Crepuscular?

There is one sure-fire method to discover out if an owl is nocturnal, diurnal, or crepuscular. You’ll only have to look at an owl’s eyes.

Dark Eyes

Owls with dark eyes are nocturnal. Castle prefer hunting at night and also can catch their food in full darkness. Your eyes don’t assist them see their prey, yet it camouflages castle in the night.


Seeing one owl v dark eyes throughout the work is a rare minute that need to be treasured.

Some types of owls v dark eyes include:

Barn owlsBarred owlsNorthern spotted owls

Orange Eyes

Owls v orange eyes are crepuscular. These room the twilight owls. Castle prefer searching their food in the soft irradiate of the morning.


Species that have orange eye are:

Eurasian eagle-owlsGreat horned owls

Yellow Eyes

If you room trying to discover owls throughout the day, climate look for yellow eyes. Castle prefer hunting when the sunlight is out. Lock have fantastic eyesight yet they depend on your hearing come detect their food beneath the snow. Castle are some of the most tenacious owl species.


Some species of owls include:

Burrowing owlsGreat grey owlsSnowy owls

Tips because that Finding Owls

Owls are very tricky come find. This is since they like solitude. They do not like being disturbed by the noise we humans make. So here are a couple of things come remember as soon as trying to discover owls:

Twilight is the best time come spot one owl. Confront the sky where the sun is setup and look for the silhouette that the owl will make.

Pellets room a means to know where the owls roost. Pellets space excreted by the owls. These are the bones and also tissues of the prey that their bodies can not digest. Once there are pellets ~ above the ground, there room owls roosting.

Go whereby the food is. If you know where smaller types populate, more often 보다 not, one owl is perched somewhere high up on a tree wait to pounce.

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Cemeteries space actually a an excellent place to spot owls. They have all the necessities that the owls and are understand to it is in frequented through them. However, remember to still respect those who are mourning in that area.

Keep practicing her night eyes. It is common to not watch owls the an initial time you go owling. You will get far better at it the much more you do it. And, try attracting owls to your own backyard!