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This tasty edible scientific research experiment explores what happens once you warm marshmallows. Your youngsters will love this delicious marshmallow in the microwave experiment.


Have you ever heated a marshmallow in the microwave? it’s super funny to watch the marshmallow expand and blow up an ext than double the size.

This marshmallow science experiment is a great sensory activity for kids because they have to use different senses to study what happens after a marshmallow has actually been heated because that a particular time.

And because of that is sugary goodness, the microwave marshmallow experiment has come to be the favorite science experiment in my kids’ books!

The Microwave Marshmallow Experiment


PlatesAny eat utensilMicrowave


Place one marshmallow on a plate and also microwave it for 10 seconds.Remove the marshmallow from the microwave and also place an uncooked marshmallow beside it because that comparison.Use any type of eating utensils to do a hole in the marshmallow and also see what happens to the inside.Make observations: just how does the look? just how does that feel? exactly how does it taste? What wake up after friend wait for it come cool down?Repeat actions #2-5 but with much longer times in the microwave. We included 20 secs each time us heated the microwave, therefore 30, 50, 70, and 90 seconds.

Isn’t the mesmerizing to clock the marshmallow grow and expand in the microwave? my kids and I can do this all day!

This experiment is also an excellent opportunity to practice an essential thinking. After see what taken place with the marshmallow after ~ 10 seconds in the microwave, questioning your son to do an education guess about what will take place to the marshmallow after ~ 30 seconds. Your child should be able to make a prediction before you heat the marshmallows about the size, color, taste, and even structure of the marshmallows.

Here room our observations – your results might be different depending on your microwave.

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After 10 Seconds

The marshmallow prospered bigger in size. The entire marshmallow was gooey and melted in ours mouths.