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Does anyone know of a good source for rubbing alcohol? you deserve to buy the in quart dimension (1/4 gallon), for 2$
the grocery store store, yet I was hoping to uncover a small larger quantity... Anyone? Someone pointed out a Gas station? Someone discussed a distillery... Can"t exactly discover one that those? Or with an electronic devices store friend can gain alot, but it"s like 70$+shipping... Thanks, Bill
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all those room different species of alcohol. Shot a medical supply company. If friend don"t mind making use of grain alcohol walk to the liquor store
Would methanol it is in a suitable replacement for isopropil alcohol? if so, shot a racing keep or racetrack.. My friend runs methanol on his race car and also buys it for $2.xx every gallon. Girlfriend might be able to just get a few gallons, fairly than buying whole barrel, though. I"m no sure.
methanol lock say according the stick on difficult data, is suitable medium for the reservoir, I simply worry because they to speak it is hazardous to her health, or at the very least some creates are... But I will certainly look right into it if the price is right :-) What specifically would a racing save be called? choose I have no clue around cars... Other than to examine my oil, readjust it frequently... Like just how would ns go about finding a "race store" what would certainly it be under in the yellow pages? Thanks, Bill
I finally found it here for less. Around $16 a gallon, or $48 for 4 gallon case.It claims "water complimentary to prevent corrosion", yet it doesn"t perform it"s actual purity.Carefull with the stuff bro, I likewise found sites with research showing the toxic effects it has...dead colon lining, dead liver, etc...and it"s supplied mainly due to the fact that it absorbs through the skin really fast! (wonder why it"s in so lot stuff, it"s MSDS is killer bad!)By the way, rubbing alcohol has actually oil in it, this ingredient won"t (listed as an optics cleaner)....thus the price difference.They also seem to have alot of electronic devices manufacturing stuff too (conformal coatings, soldering stations), ns think I"ll have actually to inspect them out myself...I discovered this top top Google.
$20+ dollars shipping for hazardous products though. Tho a pretty good price for a gallon, that really would certainly last forever.
Don"t forget: Methanol is really flammable
! A spark at the dorn time when you"re working v it and you"ll have a nice tiny fireball on her hands.

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Don"t walk platinum plating something in your system though, Platinum has actually a catalytic result in the presence of alcohol vapour and also heats up and glows red. Friend should have the ability to imagine exactly how this would not be a great thing. Aluminum is additionally reported to occupational as a catalyst once dry steam and hydrocarbons room present, allowing cracking that the hydrocarbons and releasing free oxygen and hydrogen. This wake up at temperatures over 100C ns think, however, if you ever forget to revolve your pump ~ above one day, it"s not nice come imagine that there"s a slight possibility you can take out half the block rather of just your CPU. I save coming across that "there"s oil in rubbing alcohol" thing and I beleive there can be some confusion between species of rubbing alcohol. Over there is the green stuff that clearly states the it has wintergreen oil, you obviously don"t want to go using this as a call cleaner or whatever, however the pure white stuff, in ~ 70% USP, never has shown any type of signs to me of even having a map of oil in. However, ns think the particular kind of alcohol here is not really nice come anti-reflective coatings, i m sorry is a very large reason why you would certainly not desire to use it as an optical cleaner. If but you clean uncoated glass through it, friend will view it leaves it smear free, permitting some that the 70% USP ingredient to evaporate native a pond on a mirror will certainly leave nearly no trace, except what dirt it may have actually adsorbed native the surface of the mirror, certainly no oily residue. *shrug* for this reason I never ever beleive it once I hear that, since there ain"t no oil in the stuff i get. Roadway Warrioredit:Oh by the way, as soon as I gain a really crappy tank that gas, i go obtain one of those quart party of rubbing alcohol and also pour the in. Enhances the octane rating. For 5 bucks or for this reason you deserve to go and buy a party of "fuel injector cleaner/ carburettor cleaner " the is fifty percent the size and is mainly, assumption: v what, isopropyl aclohol.
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