How walk astronauts navigate the Lunar Roving auto (LRV) end the surface ar of the Moon? (3 answers)
I read that the astronauts who provided Lunar rovers offered heading indicators, which commonly use compasses, because that direction. How, top top the Moon, go their tools tell the direction that travel, presuming a compass made for planet would not job-related on the Moon?



The Lunar Roving auto did have actually a (form of) compass. It to be gyroscopic quite than magnetic, for this reason it essential calibration when very first powered up utilizing the sunlight angle together a reference. It"s in the top left the the console here:


According come Wikipedia:

Navigation was based upon continuously record direction and also distance v use the a directional gyro and odometer and also feeding this data to a computer that would keep track the the in its entirety direction and distance back to the LM. Over there was also a Sun-shadow machine that can give a hand-operated heading based upon the direction of the Sun, making use of the reality that the sunlight moved very slowly in the sky.

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I assumed the "bearing" display in the middle of the compass is the direction come travel earlier to the LM. Sun-shadow navigating was aided by the reality that the sunlight was low in the East during all the lunar EVAs.

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The rovers used a gyroscope-based navigating system.

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The Lunar Roving vehicle (LRV) navigation system is composed of a directional gyro, a collection of incremental odometers, and a hybrid analog-digital signal processor plus proper controls and also readouts.


Info indigenous Lunar Roving vehicle Navigation system Performance Review, (NASA Tech note D-7469)

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