Did you ever before wonder why ants it seems to be ~ to have a one-track mind because that sweets? leaving a cookie ~ above the respond to in a kitchen that has become residence to some ants, and also it"s guarantee that they"ll find it?quickly.

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So what is it v ants and also their collective sweet tooth? perform ants also have teeth? No, lock don"t have actually teeth. Lock do, however, have a chemistry sensory help that directs them come the foodstuffs they love the most. It would be choose you having a built-in radar device that beeps anytime you obtain within 50 yards the an ice cream cream shop.

In this science fair project, you shot to determine which foodstuffs from her kitchen ants favor best. The experiment is not conducted inside the kitchen (much come Mom"s relief), however outside in a edge of your yard or various other area in i m sorry you deserve to work.

scientific Surprise

Ants are pretty amazing tiny creatures. They can lift 20 time their own body weight. If a man can run in ~ a equivalent speed with an ant, he could run as quick as a racehorse. Alas, however, the typical life expectancy of one ant is just 45 to 60 days.

To learn about the eating habits of ants, you have the right to place several varieties of food in separate, level container lids. Using a long-term marker, compose on every lid the kind of food it will certainly hold. Be sure to include these three different varieties of foods:

Sweets, such together candy, brown sugar, or fruit juice Proteins, such together meat, cheese, or milk Carbohydrates, such together crackers, or cooked rice or pasta

Every day for a week, place a little amount of various varieties of food in a shallow lid. You deserve to use just one food native each group or more than one?it"s up to you. Just be certain to incorporate at the very least one of each kind of food. And remember to put around the same amount of food in each lid. Group all the lids with each other in a little area easily accessible to ants.


Also, set out a lid containing plain water. That will certainly serve together your control. The foods items are the variables.

Once you"ve inserted the food in the sheathe outside, you"ll should watch it pretty carefully. You"ll want to take it a look every couple of hrs to watch what"s going on.

Take a notebook with you and also record what you see?don"t counting on remembering later on. Try to establish patterns through watching i beg your pardon foods entice the many ants, and also which foods the least. Just how long does it take for ants to find the food? exactly how long execute the same ants hang out at the outdoor caf you"ve detailed for them? Do much more ants show up once the food site has been developed for numerous days?

When you"ve it was observed the behavior and habits of the ants over whole week, you deserve to chart her observations.

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