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My 3 year old has hidden/lost our remote regulate for our dish receiver. The an excellent news is we have an extra remote TV2. Right currently we have actually 2 TV1 remotes we space using because that 2 tvs and it"s a pain. Is there a way to take a TV 2 remote and make it work for TV1? give thanks to you. David

update come potential fixes
Well, ns tried the tab switch and also it doesn"t work because they room actually different. ns can"t obtain TV2 far to carry out anything for this reason I"m no sure how to change the settings. Ns might have the ability to go come tv 2 upstairs and also see if ns can, but not sure exactly how to change that mode. Execute you understand more? Seems prefer there would certainly be somewhere some type of simple change. Thanks

Well, i tried the tab switch and also it doesn"t work since they room actually different. i can"t get TV2 far to execute anything so I"m not sure how to readjust the settings. Ns might be able to go come tv 2 upstairs and also see if ns can, yet not sure just how to adjust that mode. Do you know more? Seems favor there would certainly be what some kind of basic change. Thanks
Use the front dashboard to walk to system Info.Remove the Blue Tab and look down into slot whereby the tabs go. (you can not merely reverse the tab since it is the wrong configuration for what you desire to do)You will view a guitar choose shaped slider the has about five click stops.I can"t remember if the is the second or 3rd click position (from the left) which place the remote into a "UHF TV 1" mode...but among them does.Take something favor a document clip and click the slider over.Press and also hold the white "sat" button on the top left until they all light up.Then press the character 1....then the pound symbol <#> ....wait 3 blinks....then press the document button.If you space in the appropriate click stop, friend will check out the Tuner 1 block (box i) change from IR come "IR UHF agree Band A".Do NOT put the bottom tab earlier in as it will adjust the click position.If you just MUST fill the hole, clip the tabs under to nubs that room long sufficient to stick in the hole, yet too brief the relocate the slider.