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I occasionally like to cook things using ground pork sausage, but much of the time it"s almost impossible to find in the local grocery stores. However, they always seem to have ground pork, i m sorry I"ve taken into consideration using together a substitute. I recognize it wouldn"t reason my kitchen come explode or anything like that ;-) but I"m curious, what"s the difference? What specifically am I putting in mine food by utilizing the sausage the I"d miss out on out ~ above if i used regular ground pork?



Ground pork is merely that, pork. Pork sausage is floor pork that has actually been seasoned.

You can substitute, yet you"ll have actually to bring your very own seasoning.


Pork is words ascribed to the pig animal as a food product. Us don"t eat "pig" rather we eat "pork." Sausage is floor meat combined with herbs and spices in part manner that form. Sausage have the right to be do from any kind of meat, that isn"t minimal to pork.


As you"ve found, loose ground sausage isn"t constantly available.

If the meat department has fresh sausage, you deserve to buy them, reduced the casing and also remove the sausage.


Here in the UK you deserve to buy sausage meat native butchers. It generally has included ingredients (rusk, fat etc.) which offer it the "sausageyness" once cooked. Continuous ground (minced in the UK) pork is simply the minced meat.

Our local, sweet pork sausage: pork, water, salt, pepper, coriander. By reading the label, I can tell what the difference is in this certain package.

in her grocery examine by the lunchmeat, etc and you will watch the bob evans packages because that sure. There will be several different brands that sausage in tubes, use these similar to you would bulk from the meat counter.

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