Farming is not a one-day affair; quite it needs several job of difficult work and proper farming procedure to be complied with to get the intended output. A variety of agriculture practices has been arised to rise the productivity, of the farming land. Two such farming methods are extensive farming and also extensive farming. Intensive Farming is a farming technique that uses greater inputs and advanced agricultural techniques to boost the all at once yield.

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In contrast, Extensive Farming is one in which much more and much more land is carried under cultivation to boost the calculation produced. This article excerpt is gift to offer a clear watch of the difference between intensive and also extensive farming, complied with in different parts of the world.

Content: intensive Farming Vs considerable Farming

Comparison Chart

Basis because that ComparisonIntensive FarmingExtensive Farming
MeaningIntensive Farming refers to an farming system, wherein over there is high level usage of labor and also capital, in comparison come the floor area.Extensive agriculture is a agriculture technique, in which huge farms are being cultivated, with reasonably lower inputs, i.e. Capital and labor.
PopulationIt is practiced in densely occupied region.It is exercised in moderately occupied region.
Land holdingSmall and also expensiveLarge and inexpensive
FarmlandNear to the marketRemotely located
Per hectare outputLargeSmall

Definition of extensive Farming

Intensive farming refers to the intensification and mechanization of the agriculture, with the target of increasing the performance of a specific land. This is possible through the high-level use of input such together capital, labour, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, weedicides etc., which results in raised yield of the chop per hectare. In this system, the use of inputs is comparatively greater than the soil area.

It deserve to be used in animal husbandry too, wherein a big number of cattle are reared in little space, as the regulation of the came to jurisdiction allows. Further, medication because that livestock is adopted to boost their productivity.

The essence of intensive farming is the it counts on the chemicals to accelerate the growth and increase the chop yield.

Definition of extensive Farming

Extensive farming is a system of cultivation, i beg your pardon uses limited inputs, i.e. Labour, investment, machinery etc., in comparison come the floor under cultivation.

In this method, timeless methods of agriculture are offered preference. Further, the efficiency is based on the natural fertility the soil, climate and also terrain that the area and so that is practised in large farms to achieve greater yields and also to accomplish profitability. The total crop manufacturing is high, early out to large land holding, yet the low in terms of per unit production.

Due to less use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the is one environment-friendly method, together it go not damages the environment.

Key Differences between Intensive and also Extensive Farming

The clues given listed below are comprehensive so far as the difference in between intensive and also extensive agriculture is concerned:

Intensive farming is one agricultural technique of increasing the chop yield by hefty use of chemistry such as fertilizers, pesticides, etc. And also machines. On the other extreme, substantial farming is a farming method, wherein acre of land space being farmed, with lower inputs, i.e. Labour and investment, in comparison to the land.While intensive farming is perform in the areas, which room densely populated, considerable farming takes ar in the an ar of a moderate population.In densely populated areas, intensive farming can conveniently be practised due to the fact that it requires the little area because that cultivation. However, the land in such locations is expensive. On the contrary, comprehensive farming deserve to be undertaken in the locations where there are huge farms because that cultivation. Nevertheless, the ranches are fairly less expensive.The farms under intensive farming are located near the sector area, i beg your pardon minimises the cost of transportation and also distribution. Vice versa, in comprehensive farming, soil under cultivation, is located in far areas, which boosts its expense of transportation and selling it come the market.Intensive farming outcomes in high production per unit of land, but per person is less. Unlike, in extensive farming huge farms room cultivated, and also that is why the complete production is high, but per unit production is low.

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To amount up, the primary focus of extensive farming is ~ above the quantity of the chop produced, whereas extensive farming emphasize on quality. Intensive farming causes damage to the environment, as there is a high intake of chemistry which not just reduces the fertility of soil but likewise contaminates the food, i m sorry is not in the situation of considerable farming.