For plenty of athletes, the changing of seasons often way a readjust in the sports we play. Because that indoor volleyball players, that might mean transitioning come the beach courts. However if you’re new at the game, you may be wondering: “How is coast volleyball different than indoor?” and also you could actually it is in surprised in ~ how various the two sporting activities are. Right here is a review of 7 vital differences in between beach and also indoor volleyball. USA Volleyball’s manager of sporting activities Development, man Kessel, to trust to improve your at home volleyball game, beach volleyball is where it’s at. By having actually to touch the ball almost every rally, as well as playing every position, beach volleyball fine tunes your focus on her individual skills.

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One of the ideal things i did to improve my indoor video game was to start playing beach volleyball. I might not have been the strongest beach player the end there, however playing recreational beach volleyball during the summers to be a great way to keep my an abilities sharp, improve my stamina, and also meet brand-new people. Plus, that a great way to obtain out and also enjoy the summer weather!With this professional’s advice in mind, it is essential to note the variations between indoor and beach volleyball. In the object below, you will certainly see exactly how the two similar, yet an extremely different environments, relate.

1. Court differences

Because playing in the sandcauses an obstacle moving, therefore decreasing rate in acquiring to the ball, thecourt size for beach volleyball is fairly smaller than that found during theindoor season. Because that beach courts, the standard size is 16m x 8m, when theindoor courts space 18m x 9m and also require a 7m elevation of totally free space.Indoor courts have a parallel assault line situated 3m (10 feet) native the center line or the net. Back-row players room not enabled to hit the round inside the this line once the ball is above the net. Essentially, the back-row players cannot operation up and spike a ball when it is within the parallel assault line. Beach volleyball has no such line and also the players space able to hit from anywhere on their side that the net.Indoor courts typically showcase synthetic or timber finish. Part older court may even be concrete. V indoor courts, shoes are required. Coast volleyball courts, in contrast, space made that sand and you beat barefoot. Or, once the sand is supervisor hot, you might take into consideration wearing sand socks.

Overall, when considering the ability to beat the whole court paired v the sand diminish mobility and lack the footwear come give benefit to the player, it provides sense to shorten the court.

2. Sphere 

Just prefer the court, the ballfor volleyball is particular for indoor versus beach. Through indoor volleyball,much like any type of indoor sport, problems are predictable. When you play in ~ thesame location you practice, you end up being accustomed to the lights, the noises, andthe distractions.At times, you might travel to contend at an additional gym or school. Throughout thesesettings, although several of the factors mentioned above may vary, because that the mostpart, the court will be fairly similar. Therefore, when producing the kind ofball to be offered in a predicable environment, the emphasis of the ball is come allowa quick and an effective shot.Size that the volleyballThe at home volleyballs come in youth and adult round sizes. The youth round is around 63 come 65 centimeters or 25 come 26 customs in circumference. The ball’s weight is between 9.2 to 9.9 ounces. One adult ball is 65 to 67 centimeters or 25.5 come 26.5 inches in circumference and weighs about the same. Since the indoor ball seems heavier and smaller 보다 outdoor, it enables it to it is in hit harder and also move faster through the air.

The beach, or outdoor, volleyball has actually to be able to live as much as any kind of condition: rain, sunrays, heat, and sand. The round is about 26 come 27 customs in circumference and 66 to 68 centimeters. It has actually the same weight comes in approximately 9.2 come 9.9 ounces; but due to the bigger size, it gives the round a emotion of being lighter and floating through the air. That matters as soon as it takes more time come travel v the sand.MaterialsThe external shell the a volleyball is make of actual or synthetic leather. The differences in the external layer basically are exactly how the great is secured together. The indoor volleyball features numerous individual panels glued together to do a smooth surface, vice versa, an the end volleyball is stitched together and a bit softer.Why go this matter? with indoor courts, the video game is played much faster and the access time are much more powerful. Exposed stitching would certainly wear down and cause the round to end up being compromised. Through outdoor use, the stitching can actually help versus the natural elements.Both indoor and also outdoor volleyballs have actually a rubber core, or bladder. The lightweight main point is crucial to both store the weight of the sphere down. Each likewise have 18 panels that create the external of the volleyball, allowing for a strong enough ball to resist hit ~ hit. Girlfriend can discover some volleyballs with lower than 18 panels, such as the Mikasa VLS300, which showcases a 10-panel design.A decent ball will price you $30-$50. When thatseems steep, for serious players, that is fine worth the knowledge of areliable ball to nail that game-point serve.

3. Player Positions

If you have attended a high college volleyball match and then watched coast volleyball during the Olympics, girlfriend are currently aware the setup of the court is different for each kind of volleyball.In indoor volleyball, over there are six players perside, often with substitute players on the bench. The players each play aposition. In ~ the point, rotations occur and also in more advanced playing, switchestake location in an effort to store a details person in a certain position.For an ext information around volleyball positions and rotations, check out this article.Utilizing switches, rotations and committed positions attempts to maximize the 3-contact cycle. That takes precise ball control and power, particularly given the environment is controlled and also predictable.Outdoor, top top the other hand, walk not rely on committed positions. In fact, generally it is just you and your partner. You may play a right or left side of the court, yet that is it and also with the 3-contact cycle, there are restricted combinations with such limited positions and players.

Some summer volleyball leagues are collection up much more like one indoor, but these entertain leagues are less intense than competitive beach. Recreational coast games could include doubles, 4s, or 6s. More competitive volleyball players play doubles if on the sand.Due come the eco-friendly difficulties, slowed movement and also no subs, creativity in plays for both the offense and also defense is a must. Stamina is necessary and although that is decreased, speed is required. This is whereby the lighter ball really comes right into play. With just two players, the extra secs the sphere “floats” space truly necessary.Positions in volleyballBeach volleyball really has no committed positions. Every player is compelled to hit, block, and dig. This is why with beach volleyball you have the right to really fine melody your skills for at home season. You just cannot hide. At home is a bit different with its variety of positions because that specializing. That course, you want to take the moment to discover the various positions and also become more powerful in all of them, but most human being will naturally begin to gravitate to one details skill.Setter: If you room the setter, you room essentially setting up the hitter because that a hit. One more player normally gets the ball to the setter who “sets” the ball and also then the hitter will hit that over.Related article: 23 advice to end up being the ideal Volleyball SetterHitter:As a hitter, you would certainly hit the sphere over the net with the clear score of scoring. Libero: as a defensive specialist, the libero plays specifically in the ago row. The libero replaces a hitter once they rotate right into the ago court, and also can revolve in without notifying the ref, for this reason it no count together a substitution.Related article: A simple Guide come Volleyball Positions and Rotations

4. Scoring

The scoring in between indoor and beach differ slightly. With indoor volleyball, a match consists of 5 games, or otherwise known as sets. The an initial team to 25 points wins the set. The first team to win three sets is claimed the winner the the match. Over there is a opportunity one team wins two sets and also another wins 2 sets. If this happens, a fifth game is played however only to 15 points. The winner that this game is the winner of the match.With coast volleyball, the idea is the same except there are only three games or sets. Also, each set is play to 21 points and also not 25. The winner of the complement is the very first to 2 wins. If the score is 1-1 after ~ the second game, then a third tie breaker set will it is in played. Just like indoor, this is play to 15 points.In both indoor and also beach, you have to win by 2 points. Volleyball uses rally scoring which way the team that wins the rally (which is the ago and forth play for the point), wins the allude no issue if they were the serving team or not.

5. Environment

As in-depth earlier, the indoor climate is controlled. The court’s surface ar is solid and treated, through no pits and also often also worn boards space replaced. The glare indigenous the lights come from predictable angles or not at all. Modern-day technology controls the temperature and humidity.With the indoor physical setting being so controlled, it yields a quicker paced game setting that deserve to be harder to save up. A coach is uncovered on the sideline, giving feedback come players devoted in their positions. 

Outdoor is a bit an ext of a wild beast. There is a sand court and unpredictable or uncontrollable weather, humidity, heat, and lights. There space no substitutes so if you room tired, you need to play with it. Football player must number out their very own adjustments, as no coach stand on the sidelines.Because the the differences in environment, body posture changes some. Because that indoor, you largely use your wrist and also arms whereas coast is a bit an ext of your totality body to gain the pressure for a appropriate set. You require to figure out exactly how to make the round hang wherein you require it to and not simply swing and power through. Due to the fact that of the sand, the timing causes the method to it is in slower and jumps lower, conversely, indoor permits you to maximize her jump.With sand, over there is the opportunity of obtaining “sand legs.” help yourself by obtaining used to the atmosphere simply be finding sand and also exercising in it. As with riding a cycle or go in brand-new shoes, the best means to obtain used come something is by practicing in it. That provides you an ext natural. Permit yourself time to obtain used come the coast environment, specifically if the is your very first go around.

6. Attire

Another large difference between beach and also indoorvolleyball is what girlfriend wear. In beach, you need to account for the environmentthat was just explained above. As soon as you’re booked to pat in a tournament,you have actually no idea if that going to it is in sweltering hot, rainy, windy, or acombination of everything… or every within the exact same day!
Many beach volleyball players wear shorts and also tanktops or sporting activities bikinis. This provides less places for the sand to hide and also takesinto account the heat from the sun.Indoor players usually wear volleyball shorts orspandex and also a top. Different leagues have rules on logo design wear and also specifics socheck with your governing body or society before arriving to play.Related article: What should I wear to play to chat volleyball?


For the most part, the rules of beach and also indoor volleyballare nice close. Players have to touch the round cleanly (no lifts or doublehits) and also the key strategic objective is still bump-set-spike. However, thereare some key differences that are necessary to learn prior to you hit the sandcourt.For example, in both beach and indoor volleyball,your team is enabled to call the sphere up to 3 time prior to it has to goover the net. Girlfriend know, the standard bump-set-spike. However, in indoorvolleyball, if your team blocked the ball before it came over the network at thebeginning the the play, that doesn’t actually count as a touch – you stillallowed three more touches prior to it goes earlier over.The huge difference in coast volleyball is that the block actually DOES count as a touch. So, her team only has actually 2 an ext touches before it goes earlier over the net.For a much more detailed article on the differences inrules between beach and also indoor volleyball, click here.

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Go pat volleyball!

Whether you decision to stick with indoor or beach together your main focus, make sure to offer yourself a chance. It may not feel natural at an initial but by working v the kinks and also developing some new skills, your video game will boost overall.