Emf Vs Potential difference

The emf (electromotive force) is the potential difference in between the terminals of a battery when no current is flowing with an outside circuit once the circuit is open. Potential distinction is the voltage across the terminals of the battery once the present is being attracted from it to an external.

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Now!We learn in detail around electromotive force (emf) and potential distinction (pd).

If you desire to learn the difference between emf and also potential difference then you room in the best place. So, keep reading for a couple of minutes.

What is Electromotive force?

The electromotive force E the the source is the energy supplied to the unit fee by the cell.When a resource of electric energy is connected across a resistance R, it maintains a steady existing through the resistance. The battery makes the hopeful charge to flow in the external circuit.

Suppose a fee Δq passed through the circuit with time Δt. This charge enters the cell at its lower potential (negative terminal) and leaves at its positive end ( confident terminal), climate the source must do work ΔW ~ above the charge Δq in taking it come the confident terminal i beg your pardon is at the higher potential.Thus, the emf that the resource is characterized as” the power supplied come unit charge by the cell.”

E = Energy/unit charge


E = ΔW/Δq

The above relation is the electromotive force formula.SI unit of emf is Joule/Coulomb i beg your pardon is same to volt.

What is Potential difference in physics?

The potential difference across the two points the a conductor causes the dissipation of electrical energy into other forms of energy as charges flow through the circuit.When one finish A the a conductor is linked to the confident terminal and also its other end B is associated to the an unfavorable terminal of the battery, then the potential at A becomes greater than the potential at the B.

This causes a potential difference in between the two points that the conductor. The circulation of current proceeds as long as over there is a potential difference. The agency which offers the potential distinction for the steady circulation of current in the copper wire is the battery. As the existing flows from higher potential to the reduced potential through the conductor, the electric energy (due come the current) is converted right into other forms (heat and light, etc.).

When current flows v the conductor, it experiences resistance in the conductor by collisions with an atom the the conductor. This energy supplied by the battery is made use of in overcoming this resistance and is dissipated as heat and other forms of energy. The dissipation that this power is accounted because that by the potential difference across the 2 ends that the light bulb.

Difference between electromotive force and also potential difference

Electromotive pressure (emf)Potential distinction (Pd)
E.m.f is the power supplied to the unit fee by the cell.Potential distinction is the power dissipated as the unit fee passes through the components.
E.m.f is the cause.Potential distinction is the effect.
The emf is likewise present even when no current is drawn through the battery.Potential difference across the conductor is zero in the lack of current.
Its unit is volt.Its unit is volt.
It continues to be constant.It does not stay constant.
It is always greater than a potential difference.It is constantly less 보다 emf.
It transmits existing both inside and outside that the cell.Potential difference transfer current between two points in the cell.
Its symbol is E.Its symbol is V.
Its formula is E = i (Rtr)Rtr = full external and also internal resistance.Its formula is V = E – Ir
It walk not count on circuit resistance.It straight depends ~ above the resistance in between two points of measurement.
It causes in electric, magnetic, and also gravitational fields.

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It induces only in the electric field.

Emf Vs Potential distinction (video)

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