A heat segment is a fixed component of a line. It has two endpoints. That is named by the end points. In the number given below end points areA and also B. So, the heat segment is dubbed AB. A heat segment is denoted together \(\overlineAB\).

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The component of a line is called a line-segmentas shown below.


                       Line segment \(\overlineAB\)

          line segment \(\overlineAB\)

Only one line can be drawn passing throughany two points yet a variety of lines have the right to be drawn through a point.


Ray: we know about sun-rays. A sun-raystarts native the sun and goes on a direction increase to unlimited space. An in similar way ageometrical beam is taken into consideration a special kind of heat which starts native a fixedpoint and also goes to any kind of distance to the various other direction that the beginning point.


The name of a beam is offered with 2 capitalletters. One letter is created at the starting point the the ray and also the otherletter is written near the arrowhead end as abdominal muscle and LM.

A line, heat segment and ray all are calledone dimensional (1-D) numbers as they have only length.

In short, a beam is a part of line. It has actually one end point. A beam canbe extended in any type of one direction endlessly. Us name the offered ray together \(\undersetAB\rightarrow\). The an initial lettershows the finish point. The sun light is an example of the ray.



1. It has two finish points.

2. The length of a line-segment is definite. So, it have the right to be measured.

3. The price of a line-segment is _____


1. Ray has one beginning point and also another close to the arrowhead.

2. It has actually a beginning point but no other finish point. So, its size cannot be measured.

3. The price of a ray is →


1. There room no end points in a line.

2. There space no finish points. So, length of a heat cannot it is in measured.

3. The price of a line is ↔


These explanations on line-segment, beam andline will aid the youngsters to recognize the different fundamental element ofgeometry and their distinction.


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