I need to replace one rim on my ford focus the tires I have actually on it right now are 195/60R15, i have another tire on a pickled in salt the number on the tire room 195/65R15 have the right to I mount the 195/60R15 tire onto the rim that has actually the 195/65R15 tire.

To put it just does the R15 average 15 inch rims?

Any aid would be considerably appreciated say thanks to you.


Will the mount? Yes.Are they the same? Maybe.There space a few other specification come the rim other than the diameter.WidthBackspacingNumber that lug holesLug feet spacingCenter boring diameter

You should be quickly see if they are the exact same lug pattern measuring the distance between the lug holes. Given that the other rim come from a similar style automobile (fwd), the backspacing should be really similar. If you understand what the rim came off of you have the right to look this up and also verify. The tire width is the same, so the rim width have to be the exact same (should be 6").


195 is the v of the tires in millimeters(mm). 60 or 65 is the percent the the sidewall elevation relative come the width likewise in mm. At 60 the sidewall height is 117 mm, in ~ 65 the sidewall is 126.75mm. A distinction of 9.75 mm. A adjust of diameter of 19.5 mm or a hair end 3/4 ". Readjust in circumference of tire 2.355 " . 195 mm is 7.67" wide.

I wonder if that distinction in one would influence speedometer accuracy? I"ll leave the for the mathematicians and also engineers come squabble about.

P refers to the type of vehicle -Passenger car, R is for Radial tire.

As stated by rpmerf the number of bolts and bolt one should enhance you vehicles requirement.

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Ummmm. The rim you have the right to most likely use, the tire you cannot.

Unless girlfriend buy three much more to match. There"s a many speculation around using the tire, even though the was no the OP"s question.

On a propelled axle this will cause a dreadful differential action, and also eventually execute some damages to the drivetrain. Even on a non-driven axle, you will certainly be an altering handling vectors, load distribution, role couples, and brake torque. No to point out odd tire wear top top the bigger ("taller") tire. The an outcome is only preferable when setup stagger because that a brief track event, wherein you want the monster handling attributes a taller collection of outside tires provide.

Very very not encourage to use a different tire. Minor differences in the rim are more than likely not worrysome, uneven the offset reasons rubbing,



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