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Engine trouble on the air mail carry plane means the Waltons have actually a guest for a few days.

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miss Kitty and Marshal Dillon kissed on TV in the so late "50s — but no on Gunsmoke

Their onscreen chemistry is undeniable.


If you’ve seen any kind of episode that Gunsmoke, you recognize the unmistakable romantic tension between U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon and also saloon owner Kitty Russell. Their will-they-won’t-they connection lasted virtually the show’s whole run, because that 19 seasons. Amanda Blake, that played miss Kitty, showed up in 569 the the shows 635 episodes. James Arness starred together the marshal. The attributed the absence of critical romantic answers come the fact that keeping the audience guessing likewise kept them watching.

Both personalities would occasionally satisfy other potential romantic partners, yet it never seemed to occupational out. Marshal Dillon even stayed with a woman in the 1973 episode "Matt’s Love Story." He was shot pursuing a fugitive and also a lonely widow named Mike nursed him earlier to health. Michael Learned (Olivia Walton on The Waltons) played the frontierswoman and inspired the character’s name.

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7 points you never knew about the an excellent Amanda Blake that Gunsmoke

At first, Dillon couldn’t remember who he to be so he remained with Mike because that a week. Conveniently, all his memories reverted toward the end of the episode and also he knew he had actually to ride ago to dodge City. Years later, this little tryst gained more significance as soon as Marshal Dillon found out he had a daughter in the 1990 TV movie Gunsmoke: The critical Apache.

Any Gunsmoke fan knows the Matt and also Kitty were plainly in love — that was just never explicitly shown.

However, James Arness and also Amanda Blake walk lovingly interact on television while the show was tho in that is first couple of seasons.

They starred in a commercial for L&M cigarettes whereby Blake hand Arness a carton and also plants a big kiss ~ above his cheek. Arness playfully says, "That’s the way I favor to obtain L&Ms, folks."

The Liggett & Myers Tobacco agency was very early Gunsmoke sponsor. Arness starred in countless different commercials for the company.

While not as an excellent as their personalities getting with each other on the show, this commercial native the late 1950s is a fun way to watch the remarkable onscreen chemistry between these two iconic TV stars.