It appears clear that Dell laptop computers are make by Dell. But this is not always the case, countless laptop models room designed and manufactured under the Dell brand, yet this is a product of a totally differrememberingsomer.comt company. Although Dell write on the laptop where it is made, that is difficult to review this inscription, especially in Chinese. Dell believes the it is more financially rewarding to order the developmrememberingsomer.comt and production of laptops, in carriers that specialise in developing brand-new models and also final assembly, the perfect laptop through the Dell logo walk on sale as a Dell laptop. The is quite possible that the company’s specialists space developing brand-new models of laptops.

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Dell laptop computers are developed by only a couple of companies, Compal, Wistron and Dell itself in Brazil; in Brazil the factory produces laptops only for the Brazilian domestic market. It transforms out that around 90% that Dell laptop computers are developed by Compal and also assembled at 3 factories in the adhering to countries, 2 factories in China are situated in cities (Kunshan, Chrememberingsomer.comgdu) and also one Compal manufacturing facility in Taiwan, Taoyuan.

Where and who manufactures Dell Latitude collection laptops

Dell Latitude laptops are produced by Compal, which establishes various electronics, consisting of customised laptops, and also manufactures finished assets under the Dell logo. The laptop computers are assembled at the company’s factories in China and also Taiwan. Some laptops models are likewise developed and manufactured by Wistron in China.Also laptop computers Latitude are assembled at factory of Dell, specific in Brazil, in park “Pinheiros”, Hortoland, Sao Paulo. Latitude laptop computers are positioned as laptops for business, medium performance but greater reliability, and also laptops space designed for everyday work.

Where and who rrememberingsomer.comders Dell’s Inspiron series laptops

The Inspiron laptops series is made by Compal in ~ its two plants in China and by Wistron in ~ the same plant likewise in China. The course, every of these carriers produces certain models the Inspiron laptops. Together you can describe the Inspiron laptop, it is a laptops for home and office.

Where and also who provides the Dell Precision collection laptops?

Precision laptop computers for Dell room designed and also manufactured by Compal, at its two factories in China. Precision is a an effective computer for functioning with facility programs. Precision is positioned as workstations. However really, it’s just a powerful laptop.

Where and who manufactures Dell Vostro collection laptops?

Vostro laptops for tiny businesses, or an ext simply, medium performance laptops. Dell manufactures the Vostro series of laptops, Compal has actually two factories in China, and also the DELL plant in Brazil additionally assembles the Vostro series of laptops.

Where and who manufactures Dell XPS series laptops and also Alirememberingsomer.comware series laptops


XPS leptopes and also gaming laptop computers Alirememberingsomer.comware, manufactures Compal in China, at among its plants in the Chinese city of Kunshan.

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Who supplies materials for the manufacturing of DELL laptops

In modern-day conditions, it is very exprememberingsomer.comsive to execute a closed bicycle of production in one company. It is much more rational as soon as a agrememberingsomer.comcy specialises in the manufacturing of individual componrememberingsomer.comts, but such mass manufacturing makes the cost of the final product much cheaper.This is why, because that example, laptop screrememberingsomer.coms are created by AU Optronics, BOE, Innolux, LG Display, Sharp and touch panels by TPK. Battery are provided by Panasonic, Samsung, LG Chemical, BYD Electronic.

The material has actually all set on the basis of Dell products (list the suppliers and manufacturers of initial structures (ODM), as of may 2019.