Racing Dale Earnhardt Jr. Called This Driver a “Cueball-Headed Fool” after ~ ’99 Pikes optimal Wreck


NASCAR didn’t have just one legend named “Dale.”

While the didn’t have nearly as many success and accolades together Dale Earnhardt, Dale Jarrett to be a dominant competitor in his very own right. That won 3 Daytona 500s, a Cup series championship, was named one that NASCAR’s 50 greatest Drivers, and also will be memorialized forever in the NASCAR hall of Fame. Yeah, we’d speak the child from Conover, north Carolina did much more than fine during his racing days.

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Dale gave virtually 30 year to the sport of NASCAR, and also as a result, make a sizable quantity of money. Here, we’ll look in ~ the 63-year-old auto racing icon’s career and also around just how much he’s worth these days.


Son that two-time Grand national champion Ned Jarrett, Dale Arnold Jarrett was practically born to it is in a high-caliber NASCAR driver. A graduate the Newton-Conover High School, Jarrett was offered a full golf scholarship indigenous the university of southern Carolina. The declined. Thus, beginning his very successful gyeongju career.

Jarrett gained his begin in the Busch series (now the NASCAR Xfinity Series) in 1982. Jarrett would certainly go ~ above to operation 329 Busch collection races in 20 years, racking increase 11 wins, 173 top-10s, and 15 poles.

In 1984, Jarrett ran his very first Sprint Cup collection race, control the No. 2 Chevrolet for Zervakis Enterprises. ~ a few brief stints through a number of different teams, Jarrett deserve his very first Cup collection win in the 1991 Champion Spark Plug 400 at Michigan international Speedway, control the No. 21 Ford for wood Brothers Racing.

His an initial of 3 Daytona 500 wins would certainly come in 1993 through a little team referred to as Joe Gibbs Racing. That race would certainly go down in background as “The Dale and also Dale Show,” because it was a hotly contested battle between Jarrett and also The Intimidator himself, Dale Earnhardt. To make the success even more special, Ned Jarrett gained to call his son’s win in the broadcasting booth.


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From 1995 come 2006, Jarrett was signed to Robert Yates Racing. Jarrett would go on to win a number of big races because that RYR, consisting of two an ext Daytona 500s (1996, 2000), two Brickyard 400s (1996, 1999), and also three Budweiser Shootouts (1996, 2000, and 2000).

In 1998, Jarrett was named one that NASCAR’s 50 best Drivers, and in 1999, he winner the NASCAR Winston Cup collection championship.

Jarrett perfect his career through Michael Waltrip Racing, and after running in the All-Star gyeongju in 2008, that officially hung up his gyeongju gloves and joined ESPN’s broadcasting team as a booth announcer. All told, v 668 Cup series races under his belt, Jarrett garnered 32 wins, 260 top-10s, and 16 poles.

Jarret is also a 2014 NASCAR room of call inductee, and was inducted together with Tim Flock, Jack Ingram, Maurice Petty, and Fireball Roberts.

Dale Jarrett net Worth and personal Life

Dale Jarrett has an approximated net worth of $35 million.

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The former race car driver and also current sporting activities commentator is the father of Jason Jarrett, who had actually a brief stint in NASCAR. In 1984, Dale married Kelley Jarrett, his currently ex-wife, and the pair had three youngsters together: Zach Jarrett, Natalee Jarrett, and also Karsyn Jarret.