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HI wanted to know the exactly how much foot pound of torque come tighten the oil pan in cummins x 15 and also for transmission exactly how much. Foot lb of torque many thanks in advance
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41 ftlb, however there is a bit much more to installation the pan than simply installing the bolts, there is a sequence and also you require to apply RTV in four places. Gain on the Cummins Quickserve site, do it right. Register, that is free, walk to the engine assembly section, Lubricating Oil Pan, click that.
35 ftlbs... That is appropriate there in the oil pan environment instructions, bottom of page... I don\"t know if you know around the Fumoto oil drainpipe valves, but many the us below use them. I won\"t leave home without mine, lol. They room grease monkey proof, and also made of heavy brass. I have actually been making use of mine for fairly a couple of years. Right here are the ones available for our Cummins oil pans... I use the 2-T11http://fumotousa.com/results.php?make=14...X%2C+QSX15You can obtain these in ~ FleetPride, Amazon and I have actually seen them at a few dealership parts departments. Torque come 35ftlbs

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to be a long time, ns forget the socket size essential for the main oil drainpipe plug, 19mm - 24mm? over there is additionally one or two at the rear of the pan, I think those need a big Allen head, depending on your particular pan. I don\"t know exactly how old your truck is, but approximately the key oil drain hole is wherein the pan starts come rust and fail. The factor I went with the Fumoto drainpipe plug. So when you room down there, inspect roughly the hole. Stick her finger inside and feel around the leaf for any kind of flacking or cracked of the internal coating of the pan. A brand-new pan will run you around $1200+ native Cummins. There are Chinesium knock offs for around $500. I mounted a used Cummins pan several years ago, along with the Fumoto and painted the hell the end of the exterior that the pan in addition to several coatings of POR. My very first original oil pan rotted the end in five years, oil weeping through the sides of the pan.