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Hello, I have actually a Cub Cadet SLT 1554 v a 54 inch deck. I adjusted out the blades on the Yesterday and noticed the belt was obtaining bad. The manual I have actually calls for a number 754-04083. Once I find for this belt i can find it on number of sites. Ns am confused since some sites perform it as a 136 customs belt and others list it in ~ a 138 inch belt. Does anyone right here know the correct size? thanks in Advance...
Hi Ray2, thank You because that replying. The just thing ns can discover on the Deck is a label of a chart explaining the proper way of putting the belt on. Over there is a number on the label 122265 AC. Once googled you gets belts because that MTD and also Cub Cadet mowers but has different numbers. Thanks Again.

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Hi Merlin 2014, thank You for replying. My Cub Cadet drops in this groupCUB CADET parts DIAGRAMS, CUB CADET SLT1554 TRACTOR COMMAND ENGINE 13AK11CK709 13AK11CK710 13AK11CK712. The is the 13AK11CK709. When googled you gain the Cub Cadet site and it offers you the belt dimension 954-0642. So i ordered this belt size and will find out. Thanks Again..
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