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deserve to you clarify when to usage CPT 92960 and also 92961? There seems to be number of interpretations of words

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The ideal answer to her question have the right to be discovered in CPT Assistant, November 200, page 9, under a section entitled Cardioversion: external vs. Internal. The following key points space covered around codes 92960 (cardioversion, elective, electric conversion of arrhythmia; external) and also 92961 (internal). Likewise be sure to check the parenthetical note under 92961 in the 2010 CPT Manual, which lists the codes that must not be supplied when reporting interior cardioversion:- password 92960 specifically defines elective (nonemergency) external electrical cardioversion, i beg your pardon is most frequently used come treat atrial fibrillation and also atrial flutter if anti-arrhythmic drugs fail to transform the heart back to regular sinus rhythm, or if the patient is hemodynamically unstable. - code 92961 defines internal cardioversion, which is most typically used to convert atrial fibrillation to normal sinus ...

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