Discover The finest Safe Public and also Private teenager Dance Clubs and Private Party Venues for youngsters Under 18 in new Jersey

Teen run clubs and Private Party Venues are a place for kids under 18 deserve to enjoy a night out with their friend in a supervised safe non-alcoholic, drug-free setup with dancing, and also socializing being the key activities. In countless ways castle are comparable to clubs for adults over 21.Aside from the most obvious restriction the no alcohol gift served, many safe reliable teen dance clubs and also private party venues take it extra precautions to ensure the security of the teens.To for sure the teen occasion is suitable for your teen, parents room advised to to more investigate a teen dance society or personal party venue before permitting your under 18 son to attend. Parents are urged come visit the to meet just before the start of the teen occasion on the night of the event to ensure the meets v your needs for a safe teen night out. Venues will certainly usual will certainly not permit parents to visit the occasion after it has started.Most of the better and more secure teen run clubs have a strict dress code that does not Permit: Hats, headbands, bandanas, head gear, jerseys T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, teams wearing the precise same attire, backpacks, big purses, excessively revealing attire, corridor wear, baggy jeans worn low, booty shorts, and also shorts bra tops. While several of these clubs are for guests age 21 and over, some have special teenager nights that cater come teens looking for a night out.Private party venues listed below are restricted to those providing alcohol free rooms, that market custom teenager party packages that incorporate entertainment, food, games, music, dancing, etc.

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 Northern NJ teen Dance Clubs and also Private Party Venues.


Halo14 valley Rd Rutherford, NJ 07070Website (201) 896-1111Halo is a newly renovated personal party hall venue that functions a cutting edge sound/light display system, DJ booth and also bar to create an exceptional night society lounge atmosphere. They administer a protection staff that will certainly ensure a safe and fun atmosphere for teenage guests.


Montclair Chill 310 Bloomfield Ave Montclair, NJ 07042WebsiteThey function a 3,100-sq-ft venue because that private and public parties. Chill"s club attributes intelligent lighting, drink bar, VIP lounge seating and also incredible sound and special effects. They sell flexible all inclusive packages that incorporate snacks, food, drinks, entertainment and their r cool space rental. The packages administer upgrade alternatives to enable for every party come pick and also choose the services they find of many value.


Creative Experience 528 Arnold AvePoint satisfied Beach, NJWebsiteA personal tropical night society for kids and teens with a venue that has a decorated party hall v a DJ stand, lights, microphones, a stage and also a giant video clip screen. They deserve to accommodate personal parties have the right to accommodate as much as 100 people. Every "Build your own party Package" contains age-appropriate entertainment, games, singing and also dancing for every ages, including adults.


gmail.comTwist-n-Shout is a DJ entertainment firm that aid you plan Teen personal party events. They carry out DJ music, lights, photography, video, giveaways, favors, decor, and specialty entertainment. They can recommend venues throughout central and various other NJ locations, and can assist you through the arrangements.They know and play clean execution of all the latest music that teens love.

* (732) 607-1120They feature a distinctive karaoke lounge include cameras to watch friends song their hearts out on 15 50" Plasma monitors, every while music videos are playing. In enhancement there is a state the the arts laser light mechanism over our dance floor. Lock will also love their video clip game systems, permitting play for approximately 16 players, every on lot of 50" flat screen televisions.They also provide food, all collection in an upscale dining area. Comfortable animal leather couches, chairs, is the ultimate mixture the a las Vegas and Manhattan style atmosphere, in a comfortable setting.

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The Marlin2 south Bay AvenueBeach Haven, NJWebsite609-492-7700 They market seasonal (Summer Time teenager Nights). The unique nights collection are aside because that a teen Dance club on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9pm - 11:45pm. The periods are for teens under 21, and also older 보다 13. Frequently most of the youngsters are between 16 - 18. Alcohol addict beverages space not permitted. There is a dance area, a stage, and a bar where soft drinks can be purchased

Sahara Sam"s (856) 767-7580535 North route 73West Berlin, NJ 08091Website They market a one-of-a-kind occasion/teen occasion package. Has exclusive use of the entire water park facility with free Foam Upgrade, complimentary game play, & non-redemption games.  choose from several food selection options; Kosher Caterer upon request. A spacious dance floor with expert light/sound system and disco ball different party room an are available to host service Sahara Sam"s provides a range of menus, including a Kosher option. No need to worry around a rain date, Sahara Sam"s Oasis have the right to offer fun for all eras all year long, under a one-of-a-kind retractable roof!

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