Chandler Municipal airport (CHD) is just 18 mile southeast of skies Harbor international Airport and offers trouble-free access to anywhere in the region. Wonderful business airport, it additionally is a base for charter, transport and visit excursions, and also is home to world-class maintain institutions.

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With much more than 200,000 to work this year, the is among the nation’s busiest general aviation airports. CHD’s location is well-situated for straightforward travel to southwestern U.S. Markets and also beyond. In ~ the airport, Chandler Municipal offers access to air transport services and facilities to residence aviation-related businesses, which renders it fantastic choice for the growth of your company for both corporate aircraft owners and business activity.



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A master setup has to be initiated because that CHD to provide proper guidance because that existing and also future development, i beg your pardon will fulfill aviation demands while keeping compatibility with the neighboring environment and also community. Specific master setup objectives for Chandler Municipal airplane are:

Maintain and ensure safety and also security for the airport.Plan because that phased, incremental advance that meets foreseeable aviation demand and maintains versatility for change.Produce plane Layout arrangement (ALP) drawings constant with commonwealth Aviation administration (FAA) requirements that have the right to be used in determining give eligibility and funding.

Airport grasp Plan 

Public Notice
message from Chandler air Traffic regulate Tower: Runway Safety action Team (RSAT) meeting on June 30

CHD airplane Users,

Runway attacks remain a serious issue nationally. One crucial component of our ongoing initiatives to enhance surface safety and security at CHD Airport involves conducting a Runway Safety action Team (RSAT) conference at least once every year. In conjunction v airport management, we will certainly be conducting a neighborhood RSAT meeting on June 30, 2021. The conference is reserved for 12:00 (MST) and also will be performed via Zoom.

The objective of this RSAT meeting is to unite those individuals and organizations that are actively involved in air website traffic operations and also movement that aircraft, vehicles and also equipment ~ above the Airport to work Area (AOA). Us look because that participation native all significant airport interests including tenants, resolved base operators, airport operations and also maintenance personnel. Participants room asked to help develop recommendations and also solutions to improve surface safety. Those referrals serve together the structure for a site-specific Runway Safety activity Plan. You room cordially invited to join us.

Your joining is important and also your input is welcomed. You re welcome RSVP come myself in ~ Brandon.mack Encompass the name, organization, phone number and email address of those who will be attending.

If you have questions or need an ext information, you re welcome let me know. I can be reached at 480-917-8005 or Brandon.mack

Sincerely,Brandon MackAir website traffic Manager, CHD ATCT


Public Notice

The City the Chandler hereby announces the Chandler Municipal airplane Disadvantaged company Enterprise (DBE) program objectives & Methodology for federal Fiscal Year 2020- 2022.

The suggest Disadvantaged company Enterprise Report is accessible for 30-day review beginning, Jan. 2, 2020, at:City of ChandlerPublic works DepartmentCapital Projects division Information Desk215 E. Buffalo St., Chandler, Arizona 85225 

andChandler Municipal AirportTerminal Office2380 S. Stinson WayChandler, AZ 85286The record will be available for testimonial from Monday with Friday, between 8 a.m. To 5 p.m.

SUMMARY OF result - AIRPORT improvements FFY 2020 – 2022 as whole GOALS (§26.45)Section 26.45: overall DBE Three-Year goal CalculationChandler Municipal airplane is the sole airport owned and operated through the City.The all at once goal for the duration of federal Fiscal years (FFYs) 2020-2022 (Oct. 1, 2020 to Sept. 30, 2022) is 8.75 percent of the federal financial assistance the Chandler Municipal Airport will certainly expend ~ above DOT/FAA-assisted contracts with DBE contractors.

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DOT/FAA-assisted contract amount:FFY 2020 $-0-FFY 2021 $4,547,806FFY 2022 $2,881,500Total $7,429,306

Overall Three-Year Goal:To be completed through 0% Race/Gender mindful (RC) and also 8.75% Race/Gender Neutral (RN).Total dollar lot to it is in expended on DBEs:Given the dollar quantity of DOT/FAA-assisted contracts, the City, expects to let during the following three fiscal years, lock have set a goal of expending $650,064 with DBEs during those years. However, the really dollar lot spent may be +/- relying on the successful bid(s) submitted and also the yes, really DBE goal completed at job closeout.The City the Chandler will certainly accept comments on the DBE goals and also methodology because that 30 days from the day of this publication. Comments have the right to be sent out to:

Janece Ray, airport DBE Administrator (DBELO)City that ChandlerPublic Works and also Utilities DepartmentCapital jobs DivisionMail stop 407P.O. Crate 4008Chandler, AZ 85244-4008480-782-3331  


Federal Aviation AdministrationAttn: Mr. Alexander HortonDBE/ACDBE Compliance Specialist, Eastern region & ArizonaOffice of civil Rights- ACR-4 commonwealth Aviation AdministrationCertificate monitoring Office (CMO-29)2895 SW 145th Ave, Suite #291Miramar, FL 33027alexander.horton