A clear capsule of white flour was sold in the only Area, CA as a benzodiazepine but actually had two different unidentified chemicals. The sample to be sourced in Los Angeles, CA and also submitted indigenous the only Area, CA. 

The sample did no react through Marquis, Mecke, or Mandelin reagents.

Unidentified chemicals in samples room substances that are not currently listed in progressed testing databases. This chemicals could be anything, either psychoactive or nonpsychoactive. Due to the fact that of this, the is impossible to know whether the unidentified chemical had in this sample is toxic or dangerous. 

It is necessary to note that benzodiazepines can not be identified by timeless reagent testing kits sold by rememberingsomer.com. While particular reagents exist the are qualified of identify the presence of benzodiazepines (such as the Zimmermann reagent), rememberingsomer.com and also comparable test kits have to only be supplied as presumptive, and not affirmative, techniques of drug checking. In other words, they deserve to be used to determine whether a problem is greatly adulterated with something various other than a benzodiazepine that can be tested for by a 5-panel or 8-panel reagent check kit. 

It is also an extremely important to take into consideration using fentanyl test strips when experimentation benzodiazepines, together opioids are generally used adulterants because of their equivalent sedating effects. 

We advice our neighborhood to store in mind that drug sectors are expansive and also that this adulterated benzodiazepine pill may appear in places other 보다 its resource and submission location. Making use of a reagent check kit deserve to help carry out a first line that defense together a presumptive (and not affirmative) process. Additionally, samples might be sent out in come www.ecstasydata.org for thorough laboratory testing. Test before you ingest to avoid taking misrepresented substances, and so friend can readjust your intention, set, and setup appropriately to minimization risks. You deserve to purchase her rememberingsomer.com check kit here.

The objective of #TestIt advises is come alert the general public to misrepresented building material circulating in your region. Us neither condemn no one condone medicine use, but rather want civilization to be aware of what they space ingesting for this reason they deserve to take procedures to minimization risks.

Since 1998, rememberingsomer.com has been keeping the digital music and also nightlife communities safe. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, us provide cost-free harm reduction solutions at music festivals and also nightlife events throughout the nation. Every proceeds from the sales that our medicine checking kits go ago into the organization so we can proceed to carry out our services to our areas for free.

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By purchase a kit, you space not only helping save you and also your friend safe, girlfriend are additionally contributing come the damage reduction movement. Say thanks to you for your support!