There is some problem over i m sorry city in the United states can case the nickname of the City of Bridges. Portland, Oregon, insurance claims the surname in respect of the 12 bridges in the city limits that span the Willamette River, according to open up Oregon. If Portland"s bridges room well-traveled, those 12 bridges pale in comparison v fellow challenger Pittsburgh. The Pennsylvania city disputes Portland"s insurance claim to be the City of Bridges. They desire the nickname because that themselves, according to WBUR, because of the 446 bridges crisscrossing the Pittsburgh city limits. However are 446 bridges enough to earn them the claim to reputation of having the most bridges in the world? inspect out the 5 cities in the human being with the most bridges.

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Venice, Italy

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Number the Bridges: 391

According come Venezia Autentica, there space an significant 391 bridges in the city that Venice. It"s no wonder Venetians need all those bridges. They"ll require them to overcome the more than 150 canals in ~ city limits. Bridges in Venice to be originally built from wood and also laid flat across the canals, do it basic for horses and carts to traverse the city. However when residents discovered that watercrafts were a more efficient way of transporting products in the watery city, it changed the means they built bridges. Builders altered leg designs to incorporate an archway to enable boats to pass underneath.

The most famed bridge in Venice is the Rialto Bridge. According to best Venice Guides, the bridge was exceptionally expensive come build. However determined wealthy sellers of the moment wanted to develop a stand-out piece of architecture. It"s been just one of the hallmarks that the grand Canal for much more than 400 years due to the fact that it was completed in 1591.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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Number of Bridges: 446

Pittsburgh could want to insurance claim that it has actually the most bridges in the world, but it just comes in in ~ number four on ours list. Still, according to the BBC, it has actually an outstanding 446 bridges. The Pennsylvania room of transport spends an ext than $150 million every year keeping every those bridges in an excellent condition. It"s no surprise that steel renders up those bridges, either, together Pittsburgh is often dubbed "Steel City." The surname doesn"t come from the bridges, though. Rather, it"s due to the area"s history with the stole industry. That"s also why they named the neighborhood football team the Steelers.

According to Visit Pittsburgh, the many recognizable bridges in the city space the three Sisters. Claimed to be the only trio of the same bridges in the united States, this set of bridges crosses the Allegheny River, connecting the 2 halves the the city.

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New York City, new York, USA

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Number of Bridges: 789

The brand-new York City room of Transportation states they regulate 789 bridges in ~ the city. The actual number of bridges in NYC might be higher, though. Over there are numerous bridges in the city that aren"t under the department"s control. Yet 789 bridges is quiet an superior number. Probably the most famed bridge in the city is the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge opened in 1883, according to, and also cost much more than $320 million to construct (in today"s dollars).

While cross the Brooklyn bridge is a rite of passage for most visitors to the city, that isn"t the busiest bridge in the city. The honor goes to the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, according to the NYC room of Transportation. Likewise known together the 59th Street Bridge, it spans the eastern River and carries much more than 170,000 vehicles every day. The bridge originally opened in 1909 and also was renamed in respect of previous mayor Ed Koch in 2010. Whether you speak to it the Queensboro Bridge, the 59th Street Bridge, or the Ed Koch Bridge, it"s an exceptional cantilevered leg that"s served the city for much more than one hundred years.