CAS No. 12136-58-2 chemical Name: Lithium sulfide Synonyms Thiobislithium;LITHIUMSULPHIDE;LITHIUM SULFIDE;dilithiumsulfide;Lithium sulfide 99%;lithiumsulfide(li2s);dilithiummonosulfide;(lithiosulfanyl)lithium;lithiumsulphide,anhydrous;Lithiumsulfid, wasserfrei CBNumber: CB7245998 molecular Formula: Li2S Formula Weight: 45.95 MOL File: 12136-58-2.mol

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melting point: >900°C density 1.66 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.) warehouse temp. 2-8°C form Powder shade Yellow specific Gravity 1.66 Water Solubility soluble in water and ethanol perceptible Moisture sensitive InChIKey ZWDBUTFCWLVLCQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N CAS DataBase reference 12136-58-2(CAS DataBase Reference) EWG"s Food Scores 1-2 FDA UNII SW6C51V9JZ EPA substance Registry system Lithium sulfide (Li2S) (12136-58-2)

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Lithium sulfide chemistry Properties,Uses,Production

Chemical Properties

Lithium sulfide is the inorganic compound with the formula Li2S. That crystallizes in the antifluorite motif, defined as the salt (Li+)2S2−. It develops a heavy yellow-white deliquescent powder. In air, it conveniently hydrolyses to relax hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor) Lithium sulfide is all set by treating lithium v sulfur. This reaction is conveniently conducted in anhydrous ammonia. The THF-soluble triethylborane adduct that lithium sulfide deserve to be generated using superhydride.Lithium sulfide (Li2S) is thought about the promising cathode product for that is high theoretical capacity, high melting point, affordable volume expansion, and also lithium composition.

Physical properties

Lithium Sulfide, Li2S, is an anti-fluorite semiconductor with a band-gap the 3.865 eV. It also has exactly the exact same valence electron count, Ne, and atomic number, Z, as magnesium diboride, MgB2. Both have almost the exact same formula weight. This qualifies Li2S together a magnesium-diboride favor material. Li2S passes the exact same computational material particular test because that superconductivity together MgB2.Lithium sulfide is a lot studied material, though never ever tested because that superconductivity. Li2S have the right to exist in two forms: orthorhombic and also cubic. The orthorhombic type belongs to space group Pmnb and also has dimensions: a = 3.808Å; b = 6.311Å; c = 7.262Å. The has thickness of 1.75g/cm3 . The cubic version has density of 1.63g/ cm3, belongs to space group Fm-3m and also has cubic dimensions 4.046Å. The digital structure and also density that states show that cubic Li2S is one indirect band-gap semiconductor through a band space of 3.865 eV. Lithium sulfide melts in between 900 – 975 degrees centigrade.


Lithium sulfide (Li2S) is a product particularly designed because that the usage in high performance batteries which deserve to be either applied as electrode material or as precursor for solid electrolytes. It as an electrode material not only has high capacity but additionally overcomes numerous problems brought about by pure sulfur electrodes.Lithium sulfide is one anti fluorite semiconductor (bandgap 3.865eV). It exists in orthorhombic and also cubic structures. The densities that the orthorhombic and also cubic structures space 1.75g/cm3 and also 1.63g/cm3 respectively.Lithium sulfide has actually been studied as a MgB2- choose superconductor. That is additionally used together a cathode material in rechargeable lithium-sulfur batteries.


Lithium sulfide, Li2S, is created in the reaction of lithium v sulfur in liquid ammonia, by the decomposition of the ethanol adduct that lithium hydrogen sulfide through lithium ethanolate, and, more recently, by the reaction of hydrogen sulfide v lithiumamylate to yield lithium hydrogen sulfide, LiSH, i m sorry is thermally decomposed in avacuum to yield the sulfide. A an extremely high quality anhydrous lithium sulfide might be prepared by the reaction the lithium metal and hydrogen sulfide in tetrahydrofuran if care is required to exclude water. The reaction product is filtered indigenous the reaction medium, and it is vacuum dried to remove tetrahydrofuran and to decompose the tiny amount of lithium hydrogen sulfide i m sorry forms. Lithium sulfide is reported to have actually an antifluorite structure. Lithium sulfide is conveniently hydrolyzed, also by water in the air, yielding hydrogen sulfide. The sulfide also reacts with sulfur to form a range of polysulfides.

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