So, you think you want to run for politics office? Congratulations! Our project is to make it simpler for you. That’s why we’ve developed this comprehensive page to present you just how to run for state or regional office.

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Here room the an easy steps we’ll cover:

Throughout this discussion, we’ll refer to our campaign timeline (click for full-sized image):


You’ll notification that we’ve damaged the timeline right into two unique phases: preparation and execution. We can’t stress enough how crucial the ready phase is for a campaign. Friend will conserve yourself a many time and also money if girlfriend invest in this phase before announcing your candidacy! Almost fifty percent of the measures we’ll discuss occur prior to the execution phase.

1 – Considering a run for Office?

The very first question you have to answer is, “Am I all set to run?” running for political office is a significant commitment and you’ll want to think the through, first.

The very first step is to recognize the office. What is the surname of the office you’re running for? What are the certain traits and also qualifications the this office-holder must have in order to execute a an excellent job? Why are you qualified? write down at the very least three certain reasons why you are. Be sure you recognize whether or no the office is partisan (Republican, Democrat, etc.) or non-partisan. Just how long is the term and what is the time commitment required? room there needs to host the office choose age, residency, etc.? What room the days of the primary and also general elections? And, finally, what perform you require in order come win? Is it a plurality or a majority? Is there a run-off?

The second step is to advice your core network. Have actually you discussed a potential campaign with your spouse or partner? How around your the next friends? These will certainly be her earliest supporters, so it’s necessary to know if they’re top top board. What about your career? will certainly the campaign conflict with your employed or in any way conflict with other responsibilities?

Next, girlfriend will desire to understand the time commitment forced for the office. Will certainly it need a leave of lack from your job? will certainly it be manageable with your existing work/life balance or will certainly that require some adjustment? How countless hours every week will you it is in able to collection aside because that campaigning? Later, we’ll present you exactly how to placed together a project calendar to calculation this. Sometimes, speaking v someone who right now holds or recently hosted this position can explain the time commitment come you.

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Finally, take a watch at her finances. Room you existing with your local, state, and also federal taxes? execute you have outstanding parking ticket or other debts owed to local, state, or federal government? and also are you willing to spend few of your an individual finances on the politics campaign? If so, just how much? girlfriend may have no idea just how much you’ll have to run a campaign. A great place to start is come look up campaign finance disclosures from past races. These room public documents you should be able to find on your town, city, county, or state website. Understanding just how much various other candidates have actually raised and spent in the previous (especially successful ones) will offer you a ballpark estimate. If you’re no going to money the campaign yourself, are you willing to asking friends, family, and also strangers come donate? This isn’t the easiest thing to do but we’ll administer some advice.