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How much Is Tubal Reversal?

Some fertility experts charge thousands of dollars in concealed fees the you do not know about until you receive the bills.If you find lower price advertised for the tubal reversal procedure, ask questions about additional covert fees.Dr. Rosenfeld’s passion is to do tubal reversal affordable and obtainable to families who want to grow.With Dr. Rosenfeld, you have actually a tubal reversal doctor who concentrates on giving his patients what they desire at an affordable price.He does not attempt to speak patients right into having much more costly IVF instead.

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How perform I Schedule my Tubal Reversal?

Dr. Rosenfeld supplies a cost-free consultation to make certain you space a candidate for the tubal reversal surgical procedure and aid you know your possibilities of coming to be pregnant after tubal reversal.We will certainly request your Tubal Ligation Operative report for you indigenous the hospital whereby your tubes were tied.Once we obtain the operative report, Dr. Rosenfeld will testimonial your tubal ligation surgeon’s notes.We will call you to schedule a consultation through Dr. Rosenfeld in which he will certainly tell friend your opportunities of conceiving with a tubal reversal. Friend may have your consultation in the office or over the phone.If you room a candidate and also you desire to schedule Tubal Reversal surgery, salary a $1,000 deposit to reserve a surgical treatment date.The balance is early 3 weeks before your scheduled surgery date.
Testimonial: Evangelina Prado

I looked in ~ other options and also they were also expensive around $15,000, $18,000, and also $20,000. Tubal reversal was the most economic and with the most chances. Ns recommend Dr. Rosenfeld a lot!! His registered nurses are very clear on instructions and also explain every little thing so helpful and also caring… (Read more)

Testimonial: Annette Feliciano

We are so thankful for Dr. Rosenfeld and the tubal reversal procedure. We traveled come Houston indigenous Orlando, Florida so the we might have the surgery.

We uncovered Doctor Rosenfeld v the internet we go our research and local doctors here in Florida charge $10,000 come $15,000 and also only do IVF (Tubal Reversal is lot less). Dr. Rosenfeld was plainly the best choice. (Read more)

We have actually three choices to make paying for her tubal reversal as simple as possible: credit card, CareCredit, and also PayPal payment plans. Note that for payments come our office over the phone or through PayPal, a $500 minimum payment is compelled due to governmental costs. But, there is no forced payment period. So, for example, you have the right to pay $500 every 2 months.

Also, making use of health price savings accounts, friend can provide yourself discounts and loans for her tubal reversal.

Note that health and wellness insurance in Texas and also most other states as well as Medicaid perform not pay for for tubal reversals. If friend need assistance to uncover out if her non-Texas wellness insurance covers your situation, please call our office at 713 790 0099 so we can get your information. Note that personal questions about medical or insurance issues are not debated in email or other online techniques like facebook Messenger. For this reason please call with any kind of questions that are specifically about your situation.

Credit Card

Using a credit card, you have the right to pay by phone. Contact us at 866 790 0095 or, in Houston, at 713 790 0099.


Tubal Reversal Payment
Down Payment - $1,000
Other Amount:

When sending out PayPal payments, be certain to include your surname to the notes on the payment. Use the name we have actually on your registration records.

What if i Cancel mine Tubal Reversal Procedure?

If a surgical procedure appointment is cancelled much more than 3 mainly in breakthrough of the reserved surgery date, a $750 cancellation fee will be charged. The remainder of your payments/deposits (after the $750) will be refunded immediately.If a surgical procedure appointment is cancelled 3 weeks or much less in advance of the booked surgery date, a $1,000 cancellation fee will be charged. The remainder of your payments/deposit (after the $1,000) will be refunded immediately.

Can i Reschedule my Tubal Reversal Surgery?

If girlfriend reschedule your surgical procedure appointment an ext than 3 mainly in breakthrough of the scheduled surgery date, there will certainly be an additional rescheduling dues of $200. This will be early at the time you reschedule your surgical treatment date.If friend reschedule your surgery 3 main or much less in advancement of the booked surgery date, there will be an additional rescheduling fee of $750. This will certainly be due at the moment you reschedule your surgery date.
Tubal Reversal is a natural, successful, and also cost effective alternate to IVF.Tubal reversal costs are fifty percent the price the IVF and also can be double as effective.Our tubal reversal success prices exceed 80%. Other doctors who do IVF generally deliver success prices of 40% or less.

Choose her Tubal Reversal Doctor

Choose a medical professional with thousands of effective tubal reversal success stories choose you view on our website.Choosing a doctor without testimonials likely method they perform not have an excellent success prices or their main goal is to talk you into more costly IVF procedures.

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