As college student read, a storyboard can serve as a helpful character reference log. This log in (also referred to as a personality map) enables students to recall pertinent information about important characters. As soon as reading a novel, tiny attributes and details frequently become important as the plot progresses. Through character mapping, college student will document this information, help them follow along and catch the subtleties which make reading more enjoyable!

Julie of the wolf Characters

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Student Instructions

Create a character map for the significant characters.

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Identify the major characters in Julie that the wolves and form their names right into the various title boxes.Choose a character to represent each that the literary characters.Select colors and also a pose appropriate to story and also character traits. Pick a scene or lift that renders sense for the character.Fill in the Textables for Physical Description, vital Actions in the Book, and also What is the Miyax"s attitude Toward This Character.
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Grade Level 6-8

Difficulty Level 3 (Developing to Mastery)

Type of Assignment Individual, Partner, or Group

Type the Activity: personality Map

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character Map Rubric for center School
Create a character map the the personalities in the story. Placed the character"s surname in the title boxes and also choose a character and also scene to represent each one. Together you read, take it notes top top the characters by answering the questions.
experienced 33 points emerging 25 point out start 17 clues

Character snapshot & Scene
The characters and scenes room all ideal for the book"s characters. Lock reflect strong understanding of the book"s most necessary characters.
Most the the characters and also scenes are ideal for the book"s characters. Lock reflect emerging understanding of the book"s most essential characters.
Many the the characters and also scenes do not complement the personalities in the book. The job reflects a absence of knowledge of the significant characters.
Accuracy of Notes
Most of the details of the notes is correct.
Many of the notes have correct information, but some room incorrect or missing.
Much the the info of the notes is incomplete and/or incorrect and also irrelevant.
Effort and Editing
Work is complete, thorough, and neat. Spelling and also grammar space correct.
Most the the sections of the character map to be at the very least attempted and also work is presentable. The text contains some errors in assignment and/or grammar.
Character map is loose and/or disorganized. The text includes many errors in order and/or grammar.
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