George is strangely not effusive also when Lennie speak him the he has done yet another bad thing. As soon as George refuses to offer him hell, Lennie asks George come tell him the dream-farm story again, and about how the 2 of castle are different than other guys. George takes the end Carlson’s Luger and unsnaps the safety. As George speak the story, Lennie to add his usual passionate interruptions and also additions around tending rabbits and living turn off the fat that the land. George speak Lennie come look throughout the flow while that narrates. Lennie then tells George he’d worried that George was upset at him.

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After hearing George promise he’s not mad, and also he’s never ever been mad, Lennie goes ago to the dream farm. Together George is readying his courage, Lennie says, “Le’s do it now. Le’s acquire that ar now. ”(106). George agrees they’ve obtained to carry out it now, and also as Lennie proceeds to look end the bank, envisioning the farm, George puts a gun to the ago of Lennie’s head and pulls the trigger. Lennie lies quiet in the sand, without quivering, dead. The other men hear the shot and come running. They think that Lennie had Carlson’s gun and also that George wrestled it far from him.

George no correct them. Slim watch the instance for what the is. The comes end to George quietly and also sits close come him, saying simply, “Never girlfriend mind…A guy gained to sometimes. ”(107). As the other males probe George because that the nasty details, Slim intervenes. He tells George the 2 of them should go because that a drink, and as he help him increase adds, “You hadda, George. Ns swear girlfriend hadda. Come on v me. ”(107). The 2 leave. Every in all ns deduced that if there to be a chapter 7 ns am lead to think that Slim and George will certainly become an excellent friends top top the ranch, and also that Lennie would haunt George.

I induced that George and also Slim room going to come to be very an excellent friends, you might tell of this in the start of the book. When they ultimately make it to the ranch George finally meets someone that he have the right to relate to. Slim, like George, is young, hardworking and intelligent. George recognizes the Slim could aid out both he and also Lennie. In a setting where it has only been the two of them for so long, George look at a positive alliance in Slim. The is right here where the friendship forms between both men.

George, that has always done the reasoning for both he and Lennie, finally recognizes someone who can administer much required guidance in a setting where girlfriend are few and adversarial threats are profuse 3rd chapter, we view this need for guidance develop more when George openly “confesses” too Slim around the infraction that occurred in Weed and the specific nature of the relationship in between both him and Lennie. “Him and me was both born in Auburn. Ns knowed his Aunt Clara. She took him as soon as he was a baby and also raised him. Once his Aunt Clara died, Lennie simply came along with me the end workin’.

Got kinda supplied to each other after a while. ” (40). Return Slim is Crew Chief, lock both form a rarely friendship. Slim even understands Lenny beyond the stereotypes offered to him, “He ain’t mean,” claimed Slim. “I deserve to see Lennie ain’t a little mean. “(41). Uched prior to the rope, hunched over almost questioningly, together though judging whether or not this to be his best method out that the situation. He to be dirty and had not shaven; he had yet not bothered to change from his gloomy, threadbare work attire. His hair was greasy and also unkempt, his face hair to be long and neglected and also his challenge looked like it had not checked out water for countless days.

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His eyes appeared to have sunken in come his head, because that they to be carrying hefty bags, the resembled a guy who had not slept because that days on end. He was physically filthy, his hair, his clothes, his challenge even his fingernails to be unclean. George got to for his lighter and also suddenly Lennie showed up in former of him: “But George, Kimaru 3 you don’ smoke perform ya? ” questioned Lennie “I’m a grown man Lennie!

I carry out wha’ i like! ” shouted George. Lennie’s voice still stayed calm and also inquisitive “But George, ma Aunt Clara claimed that smoking cigarettes is the devils work, an’ tha’s negative George, you don’ wanna it is in no evil one do ya? ” “Well maybe I carry out Lennie! watch a’ me,” Georges tone changed, his head dropped in come his hand “I… I average I already killed ma bes’ friend, gambling yo’ Aunt Clara didn’ say nothing’ ‘bout tha’ did she now, ya dumb bastard! ” “Yea’ George, ma Aunt Clara constantly tol’ me tha’ ns gotta listen to wha’ yo’ sayin’” “Don’ yo’ gain it Lennie, I eliminated yo’, don’ yo’ also car’ Lennie!?

Yo’ bes’ friend jus’ put a bullet in yo’ head, don’ yo’ care? ” “Yeah, yeah i do, but George, if yo’ didn’ execute it, that wouldda bee’ Curly an’ he had actually one the them huge hurtin’ guns, at least yo’ walk it rapid George, betta tha’ bleedin’ ta death George. ” “Ain’t girlfriend gonna offer me hell Lennie? ” “What yo’ typical George? ” “All my life every I ever before done to be shout at you an’ treat you prefer a animal, currently I gone and killed yo’ nothing you wanna get back at me, don’ yo’ even care Lennie” “Not really” finished Lennie, climate he disappeared again. “I swear, ns swear it” repetitive George i’m goin’ crazy, seein’ tha’ huge bastard, I recognize if he no in ma head, he’d it is in angry as hell. ” George exhilaration his cigarette then lay down and also began to ponder, all of sudden Lennie reappeared and also threw him across the barn, “Why ya haf ta go an’ death me George? Why George! I believed I to be yo bes’ friend” George roared “Be quiet Lennie, ya’ll wake up the others up” whispered George Kimaru 3 “What room ya talkin’ bout ya dumbass, i ain’t yes, really here, yo jus’ crazy as a bastard” shouted Lennie “P.

Please leave me alone Lennie” cry George “why shud I, yo’ never lef’ me alone, yo’ eliminated me, currently yo gonna kill yo’self” “No, no! ” screamed George, tears running under his face “Oh yes yo’ are George, ya currently kill me, now yo jus’ go death yo’self an’ go ta hell, wid dem devils ma’ Aunt Clara tol’ me about! ” “If I do it will certainly you leave me alone? ” questioned George “Yea’ why not” laughed Lennie