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Matteo Alacrán is a clone the El Patrón the lord of Opium. Matt was produced so his body have the right to be offered for body organ transplants to prolong El Patrón"s life. Matt is smart, resourceful, established and strong willed. However, he also has emotionally issues because as a clone, he to be treated together an inferior.


Celia is the chief cook for the Alacrán estate and also Matt"s caretaker. She also serves together a mother number to Matt, defying El Patrón to defend him. Celia additionally comes native El Patrón"s hometown.


María is Mr. Mendoza"s younger daughter, critical politician. El Patrón is friends through her father, yet María"s mother walked the end on her family to aid take under El Patrón"s empire. Maria is kindhearted and also is among Matt"s just friends. She doesn"t watch Matt as inferior because he is a clone and also shares she mother"s passion.

El Patrón

El Patrón is the leader of Opium, a country between the US and Mexico (now dubbed Aztlán). The is 140 years old and also has survived that long by using clones of self for human body parts. He rules Opium through an iron fist and also has finish control of anyone in the country by virtue that his wealth. Though many clones have actually their brains destroyed at birth, El Patrón"s keeps his unharmed the end of vanity.

Tam Lin

One the El Patrón"s bodyguards. Tam Lin came to work because that El Patrón after ~ he killed 20 kids with a bomb he meant to usage to punch up the British element Minister. He shows up loyal to El Patrón but is covertly Matt"s friend, and acts like a dad to him.


El Patrón"s child who died long ago.

El Viejo

El Patrón"s grandson and also Mr. Alacrán"s father. The is very aged and his surname literally way "old" in Spanish.

Mr. Alacrán

El Patrón"s great-grandson, husband that Felicia, and father that Benito and Steven.


Mr. Alacrán"s wife and also mother that Benito, Steven, and also Tom.


Oldest son of Mr. Alacrán and Felicia.


Second kid of Mr. Alacrán and Felicia.


Son of Felicia and also Mr. MacGregor


Benito"s wife.

Senator Mendoza

An extremely powerful politician in the United states who is corrupt and holds influence with the drug lord El Patrón. He is the dad of Emilia and also María and is also called Dada.


Oldest daughter of city council Mendoza.


Younger daughter of city council Mendoza.


Emilia"s and María"s mother who unexpectedly disappeared as soon as María was only five.

Mr. MacGregor

Another drug lord who had an affair through Felicia.

Daft Donald

One of the bodyguards the El Patrón. The is a foreigner and also extremely intimidating, chosen because he has actually no ties to the locals or any type of enemies the El Patrón.


Cruel housekeeper and Matt"s brutal jailer who essentially tortures and also humiliates him, treating him choose an animal in certain sections of the novel.


Chief physician for the Alacrán household and Rosa"s lover.

Mr. Ortega

Matt"s music teacher.


People with computer system chips in your brains that essentially program them to be slaves for whomever owns them. They additionally known as zombies in the book due to your slow and also brain-dead behavior.


An eejit who has actually the task of education development.

Hugh, Ralf, and also Wee Wullie

Members the the infamous Farm Patrol.


María"s dog.

El Látigo Negro

Literally, "The black color Whip," and old television character.

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Don Segundo Sombra

Literally, "Sir 2nd Show," an old tv character.

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