When it involves random bump that can show up on your face from time come time, eye styes tend to autumn in the "most annoying" category. If you"ve never had one before, or aren"t entirely sure what that is, styes are little, red bump that present up top top the eyelid. And also if you"re a beauty beauty junkie favor me that can"t continue to be away native the shadow and also liner, you might be wonder if it"s OK come wear makeup if you have a stye. Especially due to the fact that styes have tendency to kind around the edge of the eyelid near the lash heat (they can show up top top the peak or bottom, outside, or even inside of her eyelid), it"s crucial to treat them correctly so as no to damage your eyes. So ns spoke with dermatologist Dr. Hadley King to learn a little an ext about what reasons styes and how come treat them.

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Here"s the deal. According to Dr. King, styes room actually similar to acne, and also can be caused by a clogged duct and also inflammation. For this reason don"t worry, it"s not an infection. And actually, together Dr. King explained, because styes are prefer acne, and it"s OK to wear makeup over acne, it"s also OK come wear makeup as soon as you have a stye — especially due to the fact that your products likely won"t do much call with the stye. However, there space a few things you have to make sure to perform so the your stye heals ASAP.

1. Pick Your assembly Wisely


If you decide to stay makeup when you have actually a stye, there are a couple of points to save in mind. The first, Dr. King noted, is to use non-comedogenic makeup, as this will assist prevent further clogged pores. Second, stay away from glitter, together the bigger particles might further irritate your stye. And also finally, make certain to store your makeup and also makeup brushes clean to avoid spreading around dirt and also bacteria. (You wouldn"t want to cause one more stye.)

2. Keep The Area Clean


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Dr. King likewise expressed the prestige of keeping the area approximately your stye clean. To wash it extensively yet gently through an eye-safe formula choose baby wash or infant shampoo. And remember to pat, never ever rub, dry.

3. Try A heat Compress


And to aid speed the healing process along, Dr. King argues using a heat compress. Soak a washcloth in heat water before wringing it out and also holding it against the influenced area for a couple of minutes, a few times a day. This should help relieve some of the pain and swelling till the stye heals top top its own.

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Because a tiny eyelid pimple doesn"t have to obtain in the way of part fierce, graphic eyeliner.