Learn just how to choose – and use – cookie sheets to assist this year's holiday cookie be the ideal ever.

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You"ve choose an impressive cookie recipe. You"ve purchased every the ingredients. You"re prepared to go, right? possibly not. You may be surprised to find out that your cookie sheet deserve to sabotage the top quality of your cookies. So examine out our advice for utilizing cookie sheets to get the an extremely best results.

What"s the finest cookie paper to use?

Choose heavy-gauge, dull aluminum cookie sheets.These cookie sheets (also known as baking pans) may cost a little much more in the beginning. However they"re worth the investment, due to the fact that heavy cookie sheets through a dull finish promote even baking and also prevent overbrowning. Planning come bake numerous cookies? gain three cookie sheets: one have the right to be baking in the range while another is cooling off and also a 3rd is being filled v raw dough.Choose a cookie sheet through low sides.Or pick one v no political parties at all. Cookie sheets v high sides keep your cookies from browning evenly. If you currently own together a pan, don"t despair. Just turn that over. Roasted your cookie on the pan"s bottom.Choose a large cookie sheet.We recommend buying a cookie sheet that is at least 15x12 inches. Why? because cookies need room to spread out as they bake. Big cookie sheets let warmth circulate roughly the dough and assist prevent the cookie from connecting as they bake—which ruins their beautiful shapes.Tip: because that a huge selection of ours hand-picked cookie sheets, inspect out the Betty Crocker Store.

Cookie Sheets to Avoid—And Why

Dark or Non-Stick PansDark cookie sheets absorb extra warm – which reasons cookies to burn or overbrown.Shiny Cookie SheetsShiny cookie sheets reflect heat, which stays clear of cookies from browning evenly.Thin Cookie SheetsThin cookie sheets can warp, which way they"ll warmth unevenly.Insulated Cookie SheetsTheir insulating nature causes cookies come spread before the dough sets, which create cookies with thin edges. Insulated cookie sheets also keep cookie from browning.

Should i grease my cookie sheets?

Unless the recipe speak you to grease the cookie sheet, stand up to the impulse. The extra grease reasons cookie dough (which already contains a many fat) come spread. If you"re concerned about cookies sticking, heat the cookie sheet v parchment file or a silicone non-stick mat.

Can i bake much more than one batch at a time?

Cookies need to bake on the center rack for even baking. If you deserve to fit two pans top top the middle rack there is no touching, you"ll acquire the baking outcomes you want. If you include additional sheets of cookie on higher or reduced racks, they might bake unevenly. You may save part time, yet the cookies will suffer.

Do I should cool a cookie sheet in between batches?

Yes, wait till the paper is fully cool prior to reusing it. Even the little residual warm can reason cookies to spread, making them flatter 보다 you might want. If you require your cookie paper to cool quickly, try one of this tricks. Stick the in the refrigerator or external in the cool air for about five minutes. Or, operation cool water over the bottom that the pan to cool that while maintaining the peak dry.

Why need to I use parchment file or silicone non-stick baking mats?

Parchment record and silicone mats prolong the life of her cookie sheets by avoiding discoloration. Both products additionally make it much easier to transfer vulnerable holiday cookies to cooking racks. Just-baked cookies deserve to be transferred to a cooling rack top top the parchment document or mats themselves. When cool, the cookies quickly release from both materials without a fight.

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BTW: What"s the difference in between a cookie sheet, baking sheet, baking pan, and cookie pan?Don"t get puzzled by the terminology. All these terms describe a flat or low-sided pan for baking cookies.