The eye represent one of the many striking attributes we have. This is why many people try to highlight your eyes v impeccable makeup and also fake eyelashes.

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However, there’s a downside to this practice. It contains sensitivity to commercial eyelash glue. This can keep you from having actually the longest, many beautiful eyelashes.

Luckily, we deserve to help! Today, we’re walk to present the best alternate to eyelash glue. We’ve gathered 5 good alternatives you deserve to use and enjoy fake eyelashes.

So what is the best different to eyelash glue? The best alternatives to eyelash glue encompass making your own eyelash glue, investing in magnetic eyelashes, getting eyelash extensions, making use of an extra-volumizing mascara, or getting a lash tint.

All of these choices have their very own upsides and downsides, and the one you select depends on just how permanent you desire your assembly to be and also how dramatic you desire your look come be.

Keep reading to learn an ext about the finest eyelash glue alternatives!

How carry out You make Eyelashes Stick without Glue?

Fake eyelashes add a dramatic result to her eyes. If you’re sensitive or allergy to eyelash glue yet still want to gain fake lashes, opt for self-adhesive eyelashes.

They’re for sure to use and also don’t need glue. To acquire the ideal results, apply false self-adhesive lashes after you apply your primer, foundation, eye makeup, concealer, contour, and blush.

How To use Self-Adhesive Eyelashes

The first thing you must do is curl lashes with one eyelash curler. This is at sight easy! Lift her chin while looking at her mirror and squeeze the curler softly in ~ the base of her eyelashes.

Give it 2 to 5 seconds before you move and squeeze the corner softly up toward the sheet of your lashes to do a slight bend in her eyelashes. Then, estimate the heat of lashes in opposition come the upper lash line. If it’s as well long, slice the complete of the lash with small scissors to do a flawless fit.

Place the little plastic strip off the ago of the self-adhesive eyelashes. Then, bend the eyelash right into a U-shape come prepare the lashes for your natural lashes. Doing this ensures the they shape the herbal lashes there is no lifting in ~ the ends. Utilizing tweezers, use the eyelash follow me your lash line.

Closing one eye, softly pull her skin taut near the outer edge of your eye. Making use of your fingers, push the fake eyelashes down onto your organic hairs. Redo until you’ve extended both eyes through the self-adhesive fringe. Allow the adhesive bond with your organic hair for around 1 minute or more.

Softly tug top top the edge of her eyelashes to ensure the fringe stays intact. If you desire a natural-looking lash line, use black eyeliner and also two coats of your favorite mascara.

Top 5 Best different to Eyelash Glue

The adhering to solutions can aid you apply fake eyelashes without utilizing commercial eyelash glue. You can make her non-toxic adhesive or opt for some of the next alternatives.

1. DIY Eyelash Glue

What I choose most about DIY eyelash adhesive is the it’s affordable and also easy to make. You have the right to use ingredients you currently have in your kitchen.

I also like the this eyelash adhesive is mostly natural. Therefore, you don’t have to stress about being allergy to bizarre preservatives prefer parabens or suffer reactions come chemicals.

Natural eyelash glue is impossible to find. Thus, producing your own deserve to be a path you’re willing to take. It needs the adhering to ingredients:

1/2 tsp sugarA single drop the honeyA single drop that non-toxic glue2 tbsp waterPreparation

Grab a mix bowl and mix every the ingredients. Make certain that everything is dissolved. Girlfriend should gain a homogeneous mixture. Pay close fist to the sugar you use.

If it’s granulated, that won’t just be harder to melt and combine yet it can likewise cause damage to her eyes. If it’s too harsh come be provided in scrubs, imagine what it have the right to do to your eyes.


Once you’ve prepared your paste, you can add it to her fake eyelashes favor you commonly would with any other glue. Use a cotton swab or tiny spatula for extr precision.

Also, make sure your homemade glue is sticky sufficient before applying your eyelashes. This will minimize an unwanted motion of the eyelashes.

Always prepare a brand-new solution whenever you setup on making use of it. It’s no loaded with man-made preservatives. Therefore, it won’t critical forever.

2. Magnetic Eyelashes


If you can’t take care of fake eyelashes in ~ all, possibly it’s wise to ditch them and also buy a volumizing mascara and eyeliner. This is a safe and also easy solution.

Utilize a seriously volumizing mascara choose this one and a trusted high-quality eyeliner to obtain that dramatic effect. That doesn’t require learning exactly how to use fake eyelashes.

Or just how to do non-toxic glue. However, there’s a catch. Most mascaras promise long lashes but don’t provide on their promise. Or worse, they deserve to be clumpy or crusty.

Avoid cheap mascaras together they will look awful. and also can additionally damage her eyes. Also, pay fist to the eyeliner. No all eyeliners last every day. Invest in a high-quality liner.

As we already mentioned, particular eye cosmetics may additionally irritate the eyes and also the bordering skin. Thus, always invest in high-quality, safe eye cosmetics.

4. Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can be a an excellent eyelash glue alternative since it deserve to take turn off the require for you to keep applying false eyelashes. It’s no adhesive. However, because it’s quiet a great way to apply fake lashes, so it have the right to still it is in an efficient solution.

Additionally, lock last much longer than false lashes you normally use. Castle use permanent lash glue and sturdy falsies. The adhesive is considered best for false lashes due to the fact that they won’t budge.

With this alternative, friend don’t have to apply fake lashes constantly. Lock come v a commitment however they don’t call for high maintenance.

While we recommend walk to check out a expert for eyelash extensions, this DIY eyelash extension tutorial by ItsMyRayeRaye is nice amazing! try it in ~ your own risk, or simply watch it to watch the results!

5. Lash Tint

If girlfriend don’t want to bother using voluminous mascara daily, you can also dye your natural eyelashes to do them look at fuller.

Eyelash colors consist of including a special dye come your herbal hairs, transferring weeks the full and dark lashes there is no the assist of voluminous mascara.

The process is easy and also painless! girlfriend sit in a salon chair when a experienced puts the dye to her lashes while you store your eye closed.

Related Questions

Can you put on lashes there is no glue?

Absolutely! You can make herbal lash glue through water, honey, sugar, and also non-toxic glue. If girlfriend don’t have actually the time, you can constantly opt because that magnetic fake eyelashes. Or self-adhesive fake eyelashes. They’re straightforward to utilize and don’t expense much. Girlfriend can also get lash extensions!

Can I usage Elmer’s glue rather of eyelash glue?

Elmer’s adhesive stick is a non-toxic glue. However, we wouldn’t recommend it for daily use. It’s okay every when in a while but it’s no made to be utilized roughly the eyes.

Can I use Vaseline as eyelash glue?

Unfortunately, you can’t usage Vaseline as eyelash glue yet it’s great for removing eyelash extensions. It dissolves the molecule in the semi-permanent eyelash glue, allowing a hassle-free removal. Petroleum jelly represents a by-product of oil refining. And it deserve to be pretty strong!

Can I use honey together eyelash glue?

Absolutely! Honey is just one of the key ingredients in homemade eyelash glue. Various other ingredients include sugar, water, and non-toxic glue. It’s effective, affordable, and also harmless.

Can I usage nail glue for fake eyelashes?

You can’t usage nail glue for false eyelashes. It’s like Superglue and also will more than likely glue her false lashes. You can use non-toxic glue. However, nail glue isn’t for sure for eye applications.

Final Thoughts

What most people don’t know about fake eyelashes is the they can aid your herbal hairs gain stronger! This is particularly accurate when you stay falsies instead of making use of mascara.

If you’re trying to find a high-quality eyelash glue, look at no more than DUO Brush-On Lash Adhesive. It’s a clear, hypoallergenic, and fast-drying adhesive. It’s also waterproof and also undetectable.

This adhesive will save your eyelashes securely in place. The finest part? It’s straightforward to eliminate without damaging your natural eyelashes or irritating your eyes. It’s also suitable because that under eyelashes.

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If you’re perceptible or allergy to advertising eyelash glues, try some that the choices mentioned above. Hopefully, this guide can assist you uncover the best different to eyelash glue.