If you’ve ever before gotten a piercing, you understand that piercing aftercare equipment is imperative to your piercing heal process. (If friend haven’t obtained a piercing before, currently you know, too.) But, you could be curious around how piercing aftercare solution works and why piercers introduce products details to piercings fairly than other options.

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We care about your health and wellness as lot as girlfriend do, and we want you to feeling confident in the commodities that you usage on her piercing. This is a fast guide come piercing aftercare solutions and how lock work.

How does saline solution work on piercings?

Piercing aftercare systems is a mixture the purified water and also sodium chloride. You might know it as saline solution.

Saline equipment is used in many ways, from cleaning wounds (like your piercing), dealing with dehydration, or clearing the end nasal passages. (Keep in mental that even though saline systems has numerous uses, saline assets vary, therefore if you have actually a saline solution product for a certain issue, above a clinical professional prior to using it because that something else. We’ll talk much more about this later.)


We use saline equipment for piercing aftercare for a variety of reasons. Its two ingredients—salt and also water—won’t irritate your skin like other chemicals might. It’s likewise an reliable disinfectant. Without going as well deep right into the scientific research of it, the salt essentially sucks water native bacteria, killing it off. The solution likewise helps to flush away debris indigenous the piercing entrance and exit.

Use the piercing aftercare systems 2 – 3 times daily is the most usual suggestion the piercing professionals. Continuous cleaning in mix with a healthy and balanced lifestyle, regular hygiene, and also avoiding wake up of the fresh piercing is the ideal recipe for a healthy piercing.

Can i use call solution on mine piercings?

The short answer is easy: no, you cannot.

As mentioned previously, no all saline options are the same. Relying on its intended use, that may have actually additives that could irritate your skin. Contact solution is one of these. It consists of ingredients the cleans oil and also other debris indigenous the call lens. While these room fine for her eyes, they aren’t so an excellent for your healing piercing.


If you have actually saline systems that’s free from additives (in other words, it only contains pharmaceutical-grade water and also sodium chloride), then this is most likely safe to use on your piercing. However, it’s finest to it is in sure and either confer v a piercer or stick come piercing aftercare solution.

Why have to I usage a piercing aftercare solution?

As a piercing aftercare company, we clearly believe that saline solution developed specifically because that piercing aftercare is the finest solution for her piercing needs. But, there are many reasons why we concerned this conclusion.

Piercing aftercare equipment comes specifically prepared in a sterile package. New piercings room delicate. Homemade options are no sterile and also inevitably gain the ratio of salt come water incorrect which can reason complications. As soon as you invest in a systems made especially for piercings, it takes away any type of guessing, and also you can be for sure in the fact that her piercing will stay healthy.


Piercing aftercare systems takes the guesswork out of aftercare and also ensures the your piercing will continue to be healthy.

Additionally, piercing aftercare solutions come in a package that’s specifically produced for piercing aftercare. Because that example, ours fine mist spray have the right to be pce in any direction so that you deserve to clean piercings in hard-to-reach places. It’s likewise designed so that all you have to do is spray the front and earlier of the piercing, and also you’re all set to go. It combines convenience and also safety in a single product.

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Now that you know a little an ext about how saline equipment works, hope you much better understand why the so vital to store your piercing clean. A rapid spray 2 – 3 times a day does wonders for the health of her piercing and also ensures that you can enjoy her body jewelry for years to come.