If girlfriend cooked a turkey because that the holidays and also have numerous food leftover, you could have an urge to freeze the leftovers. Or, if your plans changed, and also you never ever got around to cooking your turkey you might wonder if you have the right to freeze the uncooked turkey. Learn all around the ins and outs of freeze turkey.

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once to Refreeze

Cooked or uncooked turkey have the right to safely it is in refrozen, as long as you refreeze the within three days the thawing. You have to only refreeze turkey if it\"s been handled correctly at every step along the way. According to the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, that way it needs to have been thawed in the refrigerator and also it can\"t have been left the end at room temperature for much more than two hours at any type of time. Turkey that has actually been s on the counter or left the end for long periods shouldn\"t be refrozen. In fact, it shouldn\"t be consumed at all. It\"s far better to waste food than to risk your wellness by eating something that may no much longer be for sure to eat.

Note the the turkey may be slightly drier as soon as do finally defrost and also cook it. Each time you heat it up, you shed a little more moisture. Just add a little of gravy or her condiment that choice, and it\"ll be simply as an excellent as it was the first time.

Freezer-Safe Packaging

While you can absolutely wrap increase the totality bird, bones and also all, for the freezer, it\"s far better to divide the turkey into meal-size servings before you put it in the freezer. This will make it less complicated to use. Rather of having actually to thaw out the entirety turkey, you\"ll have the ability to grab simply what friend need. This an approach will likewise save a many of an are in your freezer.

Be sure to wrap her turkey completely so the doesn\"t come to be freezer-burned prematurely. Package the in afreezer bag or freezer document to store it sufficiently protected.


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When you\"re all set to usage your leftover turkey, just transfer that from the freezer come the refrigerator. Permit one job of thaw time because that every four pounds the meat.

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exploit the skeleton

Turkey skeletal make terrific broth, so don\"t litter them in the trash. If you\"re too busy to make broth now, friend can constantly freeze the carcass for later. Conserve the carcass in a ziptop bag. If you room doing a the majority of cooking, feel cost-free to stash carrot peels, onion skin, or celery bits in the bag. You can boil lock all with each other for tasty stock. If you prefer, do a pot that turkey stock right away therefore you have actually less to store in the freezer. The broth will store in the fridge for three to fourdays however will store in the freezer indefinitely. For simple use, keep the broth in smaller containers (even an ice cream tray functions well) therefore you deserve to easily add the stock once you need it. Homemade share is exorbitant to have actually on hand because that making soup, and also far exceptional to anything you deserve to buy in ~ the grocery store.