Not certain if this is the right ar to ask, yet we are relocating our refrigerator to a various side the the room and have to usage a various outlet for it. A handyman told us that us would need to have an electrician come out and also run much more power to the brand-new outlet, a continuous outlet wouldn’t work. However, I’m reading online the a typical outlet will work. Those the fact here?

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It's classic to put the fridge on its very own circuit, not because it has to be, but due to the fact that you wouldn't want your toaster oven to popular music the breaker wihtout friend noticing and shut down your fridge for the weekend. I don't think there's a certain code need for it.

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Also, some integrated models (Subzero) specify certain circuit requirements that they expect you come follow.

Can confirm. My parents fridge isn't on a dedicated circuit, and also the only time it's an problem is if you run the microwave and also toaster together and also the refrigerator compressor kicks on. So we simply never ran the toaster and also microwave together.

A continuous outlet will certainly work. Fridge's don't require dedicated circuits (though castle should!)

A fridge only draws around 6 amps ~ above a traditional 110v outlet. I don't think you can even discover outlets reduced than 15 amp anymore. There might be a valid reason for needing more power though, choose if you have actually a solid coffee maker, or a high watt microwave, or a toaster range on the very same circuit and it's a 15 amp circuit. So figure out what your actual circuit is very first and then watch what else is hanging the end on it.

The compressor motor beginning will attract an inrush present that’s rather a bit greater than it’s running current. Unless it has actually a 20 amp plug (one sideways prong) that is fine to run on a 15amp circuit

He to be probably simply CHA. Perform you understand if the outlets are on the very same circuit? If so over there is accurate no difference between using either of the two outlets.

Yes, friend can. Fridges aren't forced to have actually a devoted line. It's best practice, but not required. Mine was simply plugged into every little thing branch circuit was in the kitchen prior to I ran a different circuit come serve just the variety (gas, for this reason the only attract is the sparkers and circuit board) and also fridge.

Be responsibility of the pack on the remainder of that circuit, though. You don't wanna pilgrimage the breaker every time the compressor kicks on.

The items that can draw heavily in a kitchen are a microwave, toaster, and also things that heat water... Followed by a fridge. A fridge may use only fifty percent the maximum power of those other items but it is operation a fair bit of the time, where as the others are operating under 1% the the time. If you have multiple of these items top top the very same circuit operation at when then the breaker can and probably will certainly trip.

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Figure out what circuits perform what in her house and also label the circuit breakers. Execute this by transforming one of in ~ a time and also see what stop working.

For the kitchen circuits go into detail and also figure the end which outlets room on i m sorry circuits.

Divide the fill as lot as you deserve to in her kitchen for the heavy load item to minimization the chance of much more than one hefty load top top the same circuit. E.g. If the old fridge outlet i do not care the microwave outlet or the water heating and also toaster outlet then that is a bonus.

Chances are the haven't previously ripped breakers by luck that you haven't operation a coffee an equipment and toaster at the exact same time on the exact same circuit. Relocating the fridge onto a circuit through multiple outlets boosts this chance but with some intelligence in her appliances friend can make up for it. Fridges space traditionally top top their very own circuits as many homeowners don't know the above and it makes things less complicated to job-related out.

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I would use math to work around it this time, however next time you space getting electric work excellent in the kitchen think about a warehouse circuit to make points not need so lot thinking.