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does nfl 2k5 occupational in any kind of xbox 360?

This is a conversation on does nfl 2k5 work in any type of xbox 360? within the ESPN NFL 2K5 Football

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does nfl 2k5 work in any kind of xbox 360?
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So basically, any Xbox v an main Xbox HDD. That fact is true.Not certain with the Xbox 360 E, yet I"m sure that"s still fact.Sent from my iPhone making use of Tapatalk
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So basically, any Xbox through an main Xbox HDD. That truth is true.Not certain with the Xbox 360 E, yet I"m sure that"s tho fact.Sent from mine iPhone making use of Tapatalk
Not certain if this will assist but below is..... What taken place to me, currently I have three execution of the XBOX mechanism excluding the XBOX ONE.When I inserted my NFL 2K5 disk right into my XBOX 360 a promt appeared saying the a download was obtainable for this game since it wasn"t formated for the 360 so a patch of kinds was required to style it come play ~ above the 360 (even despite it is bc).There is a list uncovered at the microsoft site saying which original XBOX games are backwards compatible and NFL2K5 is among the countless on the list.Also the fact that I have a yellow membership made it easier to gain that download,I realize not everyone has an XBOX virtual membership but it helps to get those XBOX games that room bc.Original XBOX systems deserve to be uncovered easily ~ above ebay or amazon pretty cheap and also if you"re into playing her older XBOX games I"d recommend choose one up or look for out a neighborhood pawn shop.It appears to me that also though those games are bc some kind of layout is essential via an digital account to access the dowloadable content to format the disk because that play on the newer systems.I can also play lock on my XBOX slim,as because that the playstations I just purchased a ps3 fat old school version backward compatible simply due to the fact that I waned one that played all playstation version ps1, ps2 and ps3 games this certain playstation design is behind compatible and a gem if girlfriend can find one.I"d indicate using a search engine asking "How to" to get answers on exactly how to get those games to play on your olders systems I can"t and also don"t want to violate any policys right here so I have the right to only say it is possible saving friend time,money and grief.Keeping that RealRickster101

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