Lemon Vanilla Butter Cake is bursting with lemony flavor. The perfect an easy cake for any occasion.

Can you also handle how pretty this is? ns know, ns know, the looks VERY similar to my hot Milk Cake recipe, yet I promise it’s different. This Lemon Vanilla Butter Cake is exactly as it sounds. Loaded v lemony goodness, butter and vanilla flavor!


I constantly find I need a an easy cake to do for a weekend brunch, Mother’s Day, or just because. You all understand I’m no a baker, but I do understand when I find a good, basic cake. And also this is one to add to the rotation.

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Ways to serve this cake:

Keep it basic with powdered sugar, choose I didMake a lemon glaze and drizzle ~ above topServe through a next of new berries and whipped creamWith a scoop that vanilla bean ice creamWith a tall glass the cold milk

Pick your poison! Any and also all ways would be delicious. You can’t go wrong, that’s the beauty, beauty of this cake.


What gives it the lemony flavor?

Two things! Lemon zest and also lemon juice! i love the combination of the two. Lemon fervor is super potent and provides a strong lemon scent and also flavor without being overpowering. The lemon juice is an ext mild, yet provides an additional layer of subtle lemon taste the brings this cake to life.


Why society soda?

I know, it appears weird. However it helps v a few things in small goods.

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There’s no baking powder in this recipe so that helps with extra leavening indigenous its bubbles. It rises better with a lighter texture.

Try it! It’s contempt different yet I really prefer the texture.


I can’t wait for you to shot this recipe! do it because that mom, for brunch, or because that anyone girlfriend love and/or desire to impress. ?

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Lemon Vanilla Butter Cake

Yield: 12 1x