What is Redken Shades EQ Gloss?

Loved by It-List colourists worldwide for that A-list results, Redken Shades EQ is the initial iconic demi-permanent fluid gloss. Formulated through Wheat Amino mountain Shades EQ’s acidic formula helps supply mirror-like glossy shine and is perfect to gloss, refresh, ton & correct with no background in as tiny as 20 minutes!

Shades EQ is easy to mix and also apply, supplying a thin result. It’s the technique perfecter you require to produce the latest patterns your clients are asking for.

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How to use Redken Shades EQ

Shades EQ is famously known for its gift the go-to toner the It-List colourists worldwide. However, Shades EQ is an ext than simply a toner – the is the little pink bottle that have the right to gloss, refresh, tone, correct, add dimension & more! uncover the various ways you have the right to use Shades EQ because that every colour, every client, every technique.


Hair Toning

Hair toning services are fast ending up being one that the most famous in-salon services! Shades EQ can aid give own the tone for all her clients native brunettes to blondes.

Shades EQ’s considerable toning investment portfolio will help you achieve the perfect the shade for personalised tones of pastel, silver, ash or gold.

Gloss natural or Coloured Hair

With Redken Shades EQ crystal Clear, friend can offer both colour-treated and also natural hair the can be fried shine boost. This is a good add-on organization for clients the are additionally having cutting and also styling services. A decision Clear gloss will offer your clients the condition and the light of using Shades EQ, without the appointment of colour.

Refresh currently Hair Colour

At Redken we colour hair differently. Our unique strategy to professional hair colouring is composed of adhering to the ‘Colour Mantra’ and also applying color in zones. We believe that an alkaline colour works ideal when used to virgin hair in region 1 in ~ the roots. Previously coloured hair, and also zones 2 & 3 should be refreshed v a Shades EQ Gloss acidic colour.

Refreshing colour through an acidic hair colour ensures the hair’s integrity is maintained and there is no compromise to the colour or condition of your clients hair!

Blend Grey Hair

Do you have clients with first signs the grey? Shades EQ deserve to blend approximately 50% that grey hair and also is the perfect choice for clients that are starting to watch greys however do not desire to commit to a complete permanent hair colour. The suggested families because that the ideal blend would be the NB family.

Add Dimension

Shades EQ is a must have for all your an innovative colouring and trending methods such as dimensional blondes, colour melts and balayage. Use Shades EQ to add dimension to your blondes, or to rest up colour. The fluid formula will help you easily use root taps and also shadows and also colour melts because that the perfect blend.

Hair color Correction

Shades EQ is the perfect tool for color correction services and colour transformations. You have the right to use the to…

1. Darken blonde hair

Use Shades EQ come pre-fill the hair once the hair is lacking the undertone. This will certainly ensure that you acquire the best colour durability.

2. Correct undesirable tones

Shades EQ has a variety of corrective toners across blonde, brunette and also grey families. These shades room formulated to help eliminate yellow, orange or red undertones whilst depositing trending colour results.


How do I Mix Redken Shades EQ?

To usage Redken Shades EQ, mix it and apply it as follows…

Shades EQ Gloss might be applied with a bowl and brush or bottle and also may it is in diluted with Crystal clean to diminish intensity or customise any kind of shade.Process in ~ room temperature because that 20 minutes.Rinse and follow with shade Extend Magnetics Shampoo and also Conditioner.


What are The Differences between the 2 Shades EQ Developers?

Shades EQ has two devoted developers, both formulated with 2% hydrogen peroxide. They room specifically recipe to preserve an acidic pH and stabilise viscosity.

Shades EQ handling Solution is the best-selling liquid layout developer. Perfect for toning and also blending techniques.Shades EQ Gloss to Gel handling Solution is a unique developer for Shades EQ that lets you change our iconic liquid gloss right into a versatile gel. Perfect for precision techniques such together lowlights, contouring and also defining.


What is Shades EQ crystal Clear?

Shades EQ crystal Clear is the un-pigmented variation of Shades EQ that deserve to be supplied alone to include incredible shine or with any other the shade to dilute color or level intensity.

Here space our Redken’s recommended dilution solutions:

• preferably DILUTION 15ml Shades EQ + 45ml decision Clear• middle DILUTION 30ml Shades EQ + 30ml decision Clear• MINIMAL DILUTION 45ml Shades EQ + 15ml decision Clear• complete STRENGTH 60ml Shades EQ

Top advice For using Redken Shades EQ…

Trust the process

Shades EQ can show up dark when arising because Shades EQ’s formula is consisted of from a mix of Direct and Oxidative Dyes. This means you can often see pigmented colour straight away – this is the direct aspect working!

Even if the colour looks scary and also ‘too dark’ trust in the procedure and leave Shades EQ to build for the full 20 minutes. If you are too scared, remember friend can include some decision Clear right into the formula to soften the tone & deposit.

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Apply on dry hair

Shades EQ should always be used to dry hair. If over there is any form of moisture in the hair, you may weaken the stamin of the developer. This will an outcome in you getting a weaker colour an outcome or much shorter durability.

Process for complete 20 minutes

The mystery to effectively working and achieving the best results v Shades EQ, you require to build the colour because that the full 20 minutes. This will allow the oxidative water to work and also to ensure longer durability of the colour. Psychic 1 minute equates to 1 shampoo!


You have the right to shop our complete Redken range online currently at Salons straight – examine out every our professional hair colour for more!

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