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If you’re thinking of keeping a computer mouse as a pet, then recording a wild mouse could be a tempting choice. But is it safe to include wild mice to the collection of pet mice you currently have?


Although they can live together, over there are miscellaneous reasons why friend shouldn’t store them together. No only can wild mice reason a danger to her pet mice’s health, castle will additionally be slightly more territorial and the mice more than likely won’t go along well.

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In this article, we’ll take it a look at whether pet mice and wild mice have the right to live together, and the reasons why keeping them together must not it is in considered.

5 reasons You Shouldn’t save Pet Mice and also Wild mice Together

So why is it that this practice is not encouraged and recommended?

There are several reasons for it. When the wild mice will certainly be capable of domestication and also will it is adapted to the brand-new living conditions, that still not the best idea to mix them with your pet mice. This is why.

– Wild mouse Can bring Diseases

One of the dangers of maintaining wild mice through pet mouse is the the wild mice might carry severe diseases that have the right to jump to your pet mice.

You don’t recognize for certain the condition of the wild mouse you desire to domesticate, and also they can bring various illness that can even cause death to her pet mice.

In addition, the pet mice are not as resistant to these illness as the wild mice. So, these conditions that wild mice can carry will pose a severe threat come the pet mice.

This is a large reason why girlfriend shouldn’t save wild mice with pet mouse together.

– Wild mice are more Aggressive

That’s right, not just the pets mice can feel the aggressiveness the the wild mice, however you can as well. As they room not adapted to the home conditions, they will certainly be much more aggressive both in the direction of you and also towards the mice you already have.

If friend don’t want to be the victim of this aggression and also you want to defend your pet mice, climate it’s probably for the ideal to avoid maintaining them together.

– Wild mice are really Territorial

Another big problem. This renders the wild mice a threat to her pet mice, as they will certainly seek more territory and also might press out her pet mice. This deserve to even an outcome in aggression in between the mice, and also in the worst case, death.

You will have to put special attention on her pet mouse if you want to have them life together. If you feeding them together, that will be a large problem.

The wild mouse will possibly eat all of the food that is intended for the pets mice. This is another vast reason regarding why not to save wild mice and pet mouse together.

– Adult mice Won’t acquire Along

Your pet mouse will suffer greatly, possibly. The wild mice are much more vicious than the pet mice, and as they are not domesticated, they might not acquire along well together. This can an outcome in aggression, and also it can lead to consistent fights in between them.

In the worst-case scenario, girlfriend can even see deaths. You will desire to prevent that at any type of cost, and it can conveniently be prevent by maintaining the mice different or by avoiding keeping the wild mouse in your treatment altogether.

– ar Mice room Not offered to Cages

If you desire to save the wild mouse in cages, you can not have any type of success at all with that. Together they room not offered to that, they can hide and shy away from you, i m sorry is a natural reaction of a computer mouse if they see you.

You might want to make them more comfortable by putting some hardwood shavings right into the cage and also some milk come go v it.

Can Wild mice and sophisticated Mice Breed?

Wild mice and also domesticated mice can breed with each other, and also they can have babies. If you desire to each other them, girlfriend can easily do that, return it could not be the finest idea.

First that all, you must vet the wild mice and inspect them for diseases. If you want to stop that, then simply don’t put the wild mice alongside your sophisticated mice.

If you placed them together, there is no guarantee the they will certainly not breed.

Can a Wild mouse Kill a pets Mouse?

Yes, wild mice and pet mice could start come fight v each other, specifically the adult mice. Ultimately, this will result in fights and wounds native that, and in the an ext severe cases, in death.

Usually, the wild mice will be an ext ferocious and also aggressive, and also the pet mice can suffer as a an outcome of it.

It’s another big reason why not to keep the mice together; if you desire to defend your pet mouse from the wild mice, either store them separate or don’t save the wild mouse at all.

Can You store a Wild/Field computer mouse as Pet?

Ultimately, the decision is down to you. You deserve to still decision to keep wild mice as pets, yet you shouldn’t store them alongside the pet mice.

For the first few weeks that owning the wild mice, you have to keep them in quarantine to obtain them acclimated. Save them in a separate space where castle will acquire accustomed to gift a pet mouse.

Also, make certain they are effectively vetted and disease-free. That is an essential for later on when you’ll want to keep the wild mice with the pet mice.


Keeping wild mice and pet mouse together could not be the finest thing to do. While you can still keep the wild mice as pets, you have to avoid maintaining them along with pet mice.

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They can hurt each various other as they will fight, and also the wild mice might carry diseases that deserve to kill the pet mice. Make certain the wild mouse are cost-free of any kind of diseases prior to you decide to store them together.