If you struggle with math on the ASVAB, or need details on waivers, or married before joining and have questions. Questioning away. I’ve to be through every one of the above.

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So my backstory:

I took the ASVAB 4 times prior to I passed it. That was constantly the math part of the test. Ns was great at the arithmetic reasoning (the worded math problems). Anyways, my first time acquisition it i made a 38. My recruiter said I essential a 50 come join. I m sorry is a lie, I think at the moment it was a 32. However really, they nothing wanna deal with someone right squeezing by. So I had to wait a month before I could retake it. Ns go earlier a 2nd time and also made a 48. Again, I had to wait 30 days. 3rd time i take it, i made a 36. Ns pretty lot psyched myself the end that time because I want to pass so bad. So this time I had actually to wait 6 months prior to I can retake. Through now, ns knew precisely what math troubles the ASVAB was asking. Like, i knew literally every form of trouble they to be asking, since of acquisition the ASVAB so numerous times. So ns go back, 6 months later, (inserts spongebob narrator) and also take the test. I made a 96. So now I need to take a retake as result of them reasoning I was cheating.

(So if you take it the ASVAB and either fail or no satisfied v your score and want to take back it, and you score 30 points or greater than your previous score, you need to take a retake to certain you’re no cheating. Commonly the very same day or the next. Additionally you have to be within a couple of points as your highest possible score. If you walk to retake and also you miss it by 20 points, guess what? you gotta wait AGAIN and also come back and retake it).

So I retake it and I made a 98 this time, a higher score. Therefore you keep the initial score (my 96 in mine case).

So below is mine math ns studied because that 6 month every single day. This is literally the only math i studied before making a 96 on mine test. And these room the ONLY problems I gained on mine text(s). I hope this information helps you or who you know.

This is a link to mine Dropbox with my (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i30is8ph9el23nn/AADN7LhATZ7RtphP_mL0wUg6a?dl=0) that I’ve developed for world struggling with the math section of the ASVAB. I invested a fairly decent amount of time do these.

If over there are any recruiters analysis this (or anyone else that deserve to use these for someone else) and wants to take these and also use castle to assist someone, please go ahead and share/take these. I’ve likewise linked the man who helped me below.

This guy on YouTube is that taught me just how to perform these math problems. (https://www.youtube.com/user/tecmath)

If your remember recognize Nemo, this man literally sounds as with the sharks voice (Bruce) from Finding Nemo lol.

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In mine ASVAB math notes i posted above in mine Dropbox is pretty much the exact method he proved me. But if you’re prefer me, I choose to clock it beat out and replay it, so it is why I included the his YouTube link. Mine notes room VERY comprehensive so i really expect they aid you. I invested a many time as soon as I was researching for the ASVAB to make those note 100% legible and also crystal clean so civilization would understand. If they aid you, happen them along to someone rather struggling.