Which vacation Goodies space Safe For her Orthodontics?

The vacation season is complete of goodies and also sweets, yet eating them v braces or Invisalign in Gainesville can create a chaotic situation. Yet this doesn’t average going with the season without being able to enjoy any type of holiday treats. The team in ~ Studio32 Orthodontics gives guidance top top the vacation sweets you have the right to enjoy and also the treats you need to skip this year.

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Avoid These vacation Sweets

Most of these vacation sweets are easily accessible year-round and should be avoided throughout orthodontic treatment. A an excellent rule of thumb is come steer clear of any kind of treats that are chewy, crunchy, hard, and/or sticky when you have actually braces in Gainesville.

Candy Canes

The swirls the red and also white candy canes provide a distinguishable contrast among holiday decorations, and if you have actually braces, that’s wherein candy canes have to stay. This enduring vacation treat is chewy, crunchy, hard, and also sticky, making the a prime example of what to prevent while eating with braces. If you can’t to escape the peppermint-goodness, use the candy cane together a stirring rod in a mug of warm cocoa, i m sorry is on our braces-friendly vacation list.


When the yearly tin the flavored popcorn appears during the holidays, remember popcorn and braces never gain along at any type of time of the year. Popcorn can lodge in brackets and also teeth while unpopped kernels deserve to chip teeth and break braces.

Peanut Brittle

If a ar drops off a vacation cookie plate, opportunities are the traditional peanut brittle is included. But, the name itself should dissuade anyone through Gainesville orthodontics from digging right into this holiday treat. Peanut pieces can lodge in the brackets, when the brittleness the the law is most likely to rest brackets and also wires.


It’s tempting to sneak a tiny item of fudge, yet Studio32 Orthodontics urges friend to stand up to temptation. The thick consistency of fudge makes it an overwhelming to eliminate from braces, also with thorough brushing and also flossing. Plus, plenty of varieties that fudge encompass nuts, i beg your pardon can damage brackets and also wires.

Braces-Friendly vacation Treats

It can seem like all holiday treats space off limits with braces, but according come Dr. Mullally, an orthodontist in Gainesville, FL, if you’re strategic, you’ll discover there are many you have the right to still enjoy!

Soft street Cookies

Mmm, our mouths water as soon as we think about holiday sugar cookies! These vacation staples space fun to cut out and also decorate — also if they’ll easily be eaten. Do sure any kind of recipe you use is for soft sugar cookie as continuous sugar cookies room too difficult to eat through braces. Also, bypass sprinkles — us know, sprinkles make everything much better —unless you want to spend the holiday digging them out of her braces and teeth.

Hot Cocoa

Curling increase on the sofa v a mug of warm cocoa is a great way come unwind native the vacation hustle and bustle. Just remember to brush and also floss afterward to minimize feasible cocoa stains on your teeth. And if you want to fall a few marshmallows into a steaming mug that cocoa, go ahead! Marshmallows room safe to enjoy with braces.

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Cheese & Fruit Platter

Holiday treats deserve to be laden through high quantities of sugar, which any kind of Gainesville orthodontist will urge friend to protect against as lot as possible. Cheese and also fruit platters room a good snacking alternative to reap with friends and also family. Numerous fruits administer the sweet leaf of baked products while some species of cheeses space packed with protein, making this combo wonderful choice for vacation enjoyment and oral health!


Light and delectable, meringues provide a crunch without the threat of damaging your braces. To add these cookie come in a selection of flavors and styles therefore you’ll still have a selection of braces-friendly vacation treats to pick from!

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The holiday season is frequently packed v social gatherings and also events with friends and family. We recognize it’s a busy time, however we encourage you to continue practicing great oral toilet — especially as you enjoy holiday sweets and also treats! in ~ Studio32 Orthodontics, we provide braces for kids and adults v the exact same attentive dedication come patient treatment throughout treatment. To schedule a consultation, call our office today!


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